Smart Home

Connected wiring series thanks to wireless 1-way switches and socket outlets

Turn on the lights, raise the roller shutters, create customised scenarios: these are just some of the automations which make for a smart home.
Every device within it is in fact connected and capable of liaising and providing information. This allows you constantly to monitor and manage your home, even using voice assistants or remotely via the app. There are a host of advantages, and they affect every aspect of life within your home. Thanks to technology, your home can become smart and therefore more efficient, safe and secure, comfortable and cautious of waste.

Serie civili connesse Vimar

The connected home

Make a traditional system smart

The Vimar View Wireless system is designed to manage lighting in environments, roller shutters or motorised curtains, monitor energy consumption and manage scenarios, with the utmost simplicity using classic 1-way switches, via App or directly by voice. View Wireless is ideal for renovations or to boost the functions of an existing system, and it is a useful means of support for the elderly and people with restricted mobility.

Connect your wiring system

Update, extend or replace your wiring system: you can create a connected system, suitable for any architectural context, thanks to the completely matching styling of the digital products and their easy functional expandability. Simply replace traditional 1-way switches in the existing system with new digital devices by Vimar and power them: 2-way switches, roller shutter and curtain actuators, actuators for connected socket outlets, equipped with Bluetooth® and Zigbee® technology.

View Wireless is the ideal solution when renovating an area of the home or an entire dwelling, store, restaurant, office and in those situations where masonry work and repainting tasks need to be kept to a minimum. The battery-free and wireless controls make it possible to add control points in complete freedom at any time.

Interruttore wireless in radiofrequenza Eikon

Compared to a traditional system, the connected system makes it possible to have more functions at hand (or vocally controllable). A smart home or connected home thus guarantees greater comfort, more efficiency and security both when you are inside the environments as well as when you are out of doors, enhancing the value of the property and improving life for those who live there.

Flush mounting vocal control

Vimar’s flush mounting vocal control revolutionises the concept of home automation and smart homes, making the use of technology simple and accessible to everyone, from children to the elderly.

Developed using Amazon Alexa technology, the flush mounting device expands the traditional concept of touch controls, allowing the user to turn on lights, raise and lower roller shutters and draw curtains, control the climate, call up scenarios, listen to favourite music and control other devices compatible with Amazon Alexa, such as Vimar’s new smart portable multiple socket outlets simply using the most natural language in the world: our voice.

Comando vocale da incasso Vimar

Smart thermostat

Designed to combine the easy operation of the dial control with the clear image of the LED matrix display, the new Vimar smart thermostat is distinguished by an innovative design, inspired by the automotive world, designed to be used by all. Available in the flush mounting version and in two colours - grey and white - it blends in with any interior design style and is available for the Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea wiring series.

IoT connected, which via the IoT Bluetooth WiFi gateway is integrated with the View Wireless ecosystem across the Vimar smart wiring series. The user will be able to manage the system either from a smartphone using the View App (locally or remotely) or by voice using voice assistants.


Connected IoT single-phase energy meter
IoT device for consumption meter/production of instantaneous electricity and consumption logs (with hourly, daily, monthly, annual resolution).

Connected IoT relay module
The device is designed to operate a load via wireless connection and from a traditional remote push button.

Connected IoT roller shutter module
The device is designed to control the roller shutter/slat using the push buttons connected.

Vimar Ecometer Rele Tapparella Iot DEF

Manage your home via voice assistant or app

Comando vocale Vimar con smart speaker

Voice assistant

Controlling your home with your voice makes technology accessible to everyone, including the elderly or the disabled.

Comando Da Smartphone App Vimar

Control from a smartphone

To control the status of lights, the position of curtains and motorised roller shutters, as well as energy loads, wherever you may be.


Traditional control

Pressing a 1-way switch increases the boundaries thanks to the battery-free and wireless digital controls.

The View Wireless system is compatible with the main voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.


"Alexa, turn on the light"


"OK Google, raise the roller shutters"


"Hey Siri, going out scenario"

View App

The user can manage, control, create favourite scenarios and invite family and friends to use the system via the View App. Simply download the View App from the main stores, associate the Vimar Gateway to the App and to the WiFi network in the environment and become the system administrator.

View allows you to:

  • Customise up to 16 scenarios;
  • Check the status of lights, roller shutters or curtains and of the loads connected to the socket outlets;
  • View the consumption throughout the home;
  • Receive notifications if the contractual power level is exceeded
  • Single View App: the system is expandable since the View App is also designed to control the other Vimar alarm and video door entry systems;
  • Integrate the app with the IFTTT platform to integrate with third-party connected devices.
App Vimar View

Thanks to smart 1-way switches you can control and manage lights, roller shutters and energy consumption levels

Interruttore wireless controllo consumi energetici

Do you know what the consumption levels of your home are?

You can check the electricity consumption of your entire home or of individual appliances.

Interruttore wireless controllo con comando vocale smart speaker

Ask the smart speaker

Controlling your home with your voice makes technology accessible to everyone, including the elderly or the disabled.

Interruttore wireless comando radiofrequenza attivazione scenari

Activate scenarios with just one touch

The centralised control to active one of the 16 customisable scenarios makes your home truly smart.

Dual intelligence, dual technology

Vimar pursued the utmost simplicity to create integration with the technologies and the other smart devices used in everyday environments and life. It is easy to configure a smarter home, suited to the customer’s needs. All the devices in the View Wireless system are fitted with dual Bluetooth® and Zigbee® technology.
Configuration is immediate with the View Wireless App. All you need to perform are a few tasks.


Bluetooth® MESH system

To make best use of all the functions of digital products, lights, roller shutters and curtains can be connected to the flush-mounted Bluetooth/wi-fi gateway. You can thus supervise the system via wi-fi from the View App and integrate all the main voice assistants via cloud.


ZigBee connected products

If you have an Amazon Alexa device in your home, with the Zigbee® protocol, the smart speaker becomes the gateway for connection to the Vimar digital devices and the control point for their basic functions (lights and roller shutters).

View Wireless App

The View Wireless App with guided wizard allows you to configure the system in a simple and straightforward way. Once the connected controls have been installed, the configuration via app follows a sequential flow and is guided by simple explanatory screens to:

  • Create environments and associate the connected devices;
  • Set the parameter of individual devices (operation and backlighting);
  • Transfer settings and parameters to the gateway with connection to the Wi-Fi network in the building

Matching styling and design

Simple, elegant and impeccable shapes. Four wiring series to connect to the building, to enjoy the positive energy of the home. View Wireless can be adapted to any architectural context. Update, extend or replace your wiring system, you have the chance to make your home match, integrable over time.

From the simple and universal Plana series, adaptable to any situation, to the Arké series, with a bold personality. You can choose between sharp or soft edges, from an array of colour variants and materials: wood, metal, reflex, technopolymers. There is also the Eikon series for those in search of excellence and prestige.