Linea, unique line

The design of a perfect Line

Control devices to manage energy in all its forms. Find out more about Linea and the pursuit of absolute, slim flatness. A new design focused on total alignment between the product and the cover plate, with a sleek, light profile, perfect on any wall.

Linea Vimar Compasso d'Oro 2024 EN

Essential and intuitive

With Linea, we have redesigned energy. The result is a new design with understated shapes and a distinctive profile that makes it truly unique.


Now more than ever before, thanks to the smart and home automation system versions, Linea connects domestic settings with all the needs of everyday life.


Thanks to the use of plastic from recycled or renewable sources, to the optimised processes and the use of FSC certified eco-sustainable packaging.


Linea is also digital, thanks to the innovative XT platform, a high-tech experience for the automated home.



A new series featuring an unprecedented and elegant design, which brings together the understated allure of sophisticated styling with state-of-the-art technology. With Linea, innovation comes together with tradition, thanks to multiple patents registered to make it truly one of a kind.

The unique shape of the aligned control

Starting with a sophisticated flatness, the gently curved profile of the control creates a light protrusion, making it extremely user-friendly.

Precious lightness

Thanks to its unprecedented ergonomic shapes, Linea is slender and lightweight, perfect on any wall.

Aligned buttons at all times

Once activated, the button resumes its original position, guaranteeing perfect alignment at all times thanks to our patented In-line technology.

Perfectly flat surface of the axial control

Slender and slimline design with a generous control surface thanks to the increased height of the button (53 mm) and the possibility of pressing any part of the surface. Precise and silent kinematic mechanism.

Serie Linea Vimar design

Impeccable coordination for an identity that stands out every time

Understated and contemporary design and the pursuit of natural appeal have been interpreted by the neutral colour shades, which are growing in popularity in modern homes, creating welcoming atmospheres and easily accommodating various styles.

Pure, bright white brings to mind simple, open spaces; canvas is a warm and natural hue while black draws its inspiration from mineral materials, for settings with a bold personality.

Linea Vimar placche elettriche gamma colori

Attention to detail to give rise to bespoke projects

To enhance the value of an accommodation facility’s identity, the cover plates can be engraved with the customer’s own logo; laser technology ensures the symbols are clear and accurate.

Customised pictograms can also be inserted. The customised design is carefully associated with the control for lasting results and a further enhanced user experience. The buttons can also be customised in Silver, Clay and Metal colours for a total look effect with the painted technopolymer cover plate.

Serie Linea Vimar personalizzazioni


Various options for an elegant and distinctive effect at all times. Aligned, axial and traditional rocker controls feature a distinctive illuminated mark to identify their function, even in the dark. 

For the aligned control, there is also the possibility of ordering a dedicated button to create a vertical downward light beam, choosing between a LED lighting unit with standard brightness or a softer one that creates a soft glow on the surface of the cover plate. The result is a discrete yet distinctive effect on the wall.

Linea placche elettriche interruttori


Linea is designed to be sustainable

Linea replaces conventional fossil-fuel based plastic with plastic from recycled and renewable sources and thanks also to the optimised production processes, the efficient management of product volumes and the use of FSC certified eco-sustainable packaging, it reduces CO₂ equivalent produced by over 80%, saving more than 500 tonnes of CO₂ equivalent each year.

Painting with reduced environmental impact

The painting process only uses water-based or UV-reticulating paints for a reduced solvent emission into the atmosphere. Thanks to the presence of a distiller, the painting process recovers and reuses approximately 50% of used solvent each year.


100% of packaging is fully recyclable. Product cases, enclosures and boxes are made of recycled cardboard or card, printed with water-based ink and make exclusive use of eco-sustainable glues. The paper used is FSC certified, which guarantees it is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

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Aligned controls

  • Exclusive shape, with a gentle, minimally protruding curvature.
  • The aligned controls are distinguished by a gentle protrusion and, thanks to the patented In-line technology, they return perfectly to position once actuated.
  • New control mechanism with kinematic precision and silent operation at just a touch of your fingertips.
  • Maximum user-friendliness, thanks to the size of the button and its slight protrusion.

Axial controls

  • Absolutely flat effect: the control remains perfectly aligned with the surface of the cover plate, even after each use.
  • Generously-sized 53 mm button which can be operated across the entire surface.
  • Control with patented mechanism which stands out for its kinematic precision and requires minimal pressure to be activated.
  • Sophisticated light details: in the axial control, the distinctive illuminated mark identifies its function in the dark.

Home automation controls

  • Linea controls are also available in the home automation system version for the By-me Plus system and the KNX standard.
  • Customisable LED colour with RGB palette and adjustable lighting from off to 3 brightness levels.
  • Possibility of managing 4 functions on 2 modules and 6 functions on 3 modules.
  • Curtain and roller shutter automation, light control, sound system and much more, also managed in a centralised way thanks to scenarios. Version with built-in relays for lights and roller shutters or for generic loads (including SELV).

XT Platform

The XT platform stands for “eXperience Technology”, an innovative high-tech experience for the automated home, with full-surface controls for a distinctive perfect flatness that makes it one of a kind. With its understated and user-friendly design, this product also offers a wide range of customisation options, in different ways: thanks to user-friendly and self-explanatory icons which can be selected from an extensive library of static symbols, or thanks to a broad range of static or dynamic LED matrix icons that can be programmed using the View Pro App, to make each product customised and different and accommodate all customer requirements while enhancing the identity of the accommodation facility.


The XT platform truly provides an enhanced user experience; the scalability and expandability of its structure also make it possible to boost and move the front functions extremely easily, without having to adjust any wiring, turning a control of lights and roller shutters into temperature management and scenario activation. This product is also innovative in its ultimate flexibility and the multitude of opportunities it offers, including the 1-module button which can be used to manage up to no less than 4 different functions in a single control, making it an extremely functional and flexible product, with the possibility of carrying out between 1 and 20 activations in 2-, -3 and 4-module boxes. The proximity sensor in the advanced modules and in the thermostat allow you to activate the device simply by approaching it with your hand; three different brightness levels can be set, for greater discretion at night, allowing for reduced device electricity consumption.



Living in a perfectly connected and integrated world

With smart, home automation systems and over 200 functions to meet the needs for comfort, energy efficiency and safety of contemporary life.

Linea Presa USB da 30 W

30 W USB socket outlet for fast charging

Linea Prese di corrente planari

Flat current socket outlets

Linea Sensore radar e termostato smart

Radar sensor and smart dial thermostat

A smart home with the View Wireless system

Everything is under control via App or voice thanks to the View Wireless system, you can control and even remote manage lights, roller shutters, the temperature in every room, accesses and energy consumption too. Greater comfort, efficiency and safety within the home and outside it too.

The connected wiring system is the ideal solution for refurbishments, to boost the functions of an existing system or in the event of a new system installation. Update spaces simply, no work required. The connected home improves life for its inhabitants.

Linea Comando Vocale Loghi

A system integrated with the By-me Plus and KNX bus systems

By-me Plus is the automation system which allows you to control lights, temperature, sound system, curtain and roller shutter automation, sprinkler system, energy management, multi-zone temperature and scenario control. Perfectly integrated with Vimar video door entry, burglar alarm and video surveillance systems, By-me Plus offers the utmost comfort, energy efficiency and superior safety in both home and office environments.

Flexible, interoperable and modular, Well-contact Plus is the Vimar system developed on the KNX standard to allow complete building management. Whether in small or large hotels, offices, multi-purpose centres or even gyms, Well-contact Plus is the solution that provides constant control and management of lights, temperature, security, energy and accesses, providing functionality and comfort in every single environment.

Linea Xt Domotica Loghi.Jpg

Highly versatile modular system

Extremely flexible installation, also perfect for application in the hospitality industry and offices.


Range and finishes

The range of cover plate finishes available and the match with the colour of the control are the result of in-depth research into interior design trends in order to be right on-trend and even anticipate future ones.

Linea bianca Vimar

Shades of white to warm up the ambiance. Finishes with pure and understated elegance.

Linea canapa Vimar

The natural appeal of canvas for trendy settings. Delicate and understated hues.

Linea nera Vimar

Black for bold details. Shades the bring out the modern, high-tech component.

Linea offers a range of cover plates designed to add value to any environment with a discrete style, paying particular attention to the choice of materials, including zinc-titanium alloy cover plates to obtain PVD finishes, with prestigious, eco-sustainable metallic effects.

Linea Total Look

Total look

Perfectly matching styling for a unique style

Linea Vimar reflex


Versatility and appeal thanks to the glass effect

Linea tecnopolimeri verniciati

Painted technopolymers

The energy of simple and gleaming modernity.

Linea Vimar Metalli Pvd

PVD metals

Zinc-titanium cover plates which allow high environmental performance PVD finishes