Presence detector

Bluetooth programmable ceiling and flush mounting radar sensors

Connected devices packed with innovative contents: these are the new IoT sensors with Ultra Wide Band radar technology, which make it possible, by measuring micro-movements of the body with the utmost precision (even the breathing of an immobile person), to detect the presence of a person in a room.  The benefits are multiple, both in terms of styling and functionality.

The utility of these devices is twofold: in an accommodation facility, for instance, you will be able to turn on the light or in general activate the power in the room simply by detecting the presence of the guest. So there is no need to insert a card upon entry or to remove it as the guest exits the room: the sensor will automatically deactivate or activate everything and you will also be able to associate broader actions such as sanitising environments or closing curtains and roller shutters when the presence of the person in the room is no longer detected.

Two versions are available: ceiling mounting and flush mounting for the Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea series.

Rilevatore presenza da incasso

1-module flush mounting presence detector

The design is completely flat, without a lens, for perfectly clean-cut styling that fully blends in with the devices in the matching wiring series.

Rilevatore presenza da controsoffitto

Presence detector for false ceilings

The design is again flat, with a semi-transparent orb inside a white ring, which guarantees an optimum fit with any décor. What’s more, the dedicated adaptor can be used for installation in masonry ceilings.

Both sensors are programmable via Bluetooth using the View Wireless App: the detection distance, relay closing time (solid state and hence silent), behaviour and colour of the built-in RGB LED, wired input parameter setting are just some of the parameters you can set.  

The ceiling version also has an innovative function designed specifically for Assisted Living applications: in the event of an accidental fall within the detection range, a notification alert can be sent to the smartphone of a person capable of providing assistance and possibly activate a camera to check what has happened.     

The sensors can also be directly interfaced with the By-me Plus or KNX home automation systems via contact interfaces which allow the creation of sophisticated applications.

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