Register the products installed in the property

Vimar offers installers a service to register products to assist them in managing, servicing and tracking the systems built with smart home&building systems.

The applications which allow the collection of the Serial numbers and the related association with systems are View Pro, View Wireless and By-track.


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Features and peculiarities of the apps

The benefits reserved for those who register products

The advantages of the after-sales services provided in the registered properties grow with the value of the products associated with each site:

  • Guaranteed product origin: We guarantee the origin of the product, therefore avoiding possible forgeries.
  • Product updates: Software and firmware in particular, thereby guaranteeing systems upgrades for customers.
  • Job log: The traceability of the products installed on site.
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The Serial Number (S/N)

The Serial Number is an identification number assigned unequivocally to distinguish every single product.

Vimar’s Serial Number can be found on the product and on the packaging, in the form of:

  • QR code

  • 14-digit alphanumerical code
Vimar Serial Number Box Product 2 Gpdt8Hiryo

Guarantee of Product Origin

Type the Serial Number on the product to learn more about its origins. Consult in real time our database to know the place and date of first placing on the market:

Products with a Serial Number

To know which products have the Serial Number,type the product code and see the answer: