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Vimar for the People

People are the driving force behind our company: they are a wealth to be guarded and valued. 

This is why we invest significant resources in their training, welfare and well-being within our organisation. For Vimar it is important to draw and cultivate talents who can offer the company new visions and opportunities. Strategically planning our training activities allows our people to develop their full potential, consolidating an approach whereby each resource is fully responsible for their own growth and on-going professional enhancement.

The numerous corporate welfare initiatives thus create the best conditions for each and every one to tackle their everyday professional challenges serenely and with determination. Many events are organised throughout the course of the year to foster aggregation, involvement and a sense of belonging.

Vimar for people

Vimar for the Future

At a time when digital technologies are changing the market rules and the way in which companies design and develop their products, Vimar is constantly investing in innovation and in the pursuit of new solutions.

The research and development activity is fuelled by the superior expertise of the people and by the partnership with research centres where state-of-the-art solutions are devised, with the aim of anticipating the needs we will encounter over the years to come.

The result of this approach and of the brand’s vision when it comes to products is a genuine ecosystem of smart products and interconnected systems that are continuously growing and intended for home automation and connection with personal devices.

Vimar for future

Vimar for the World

We work with the utmost respect for the environment, safe in the knowledge that it is only by protecting our surroundings that we can grow over time. Our business culture is based on a profound environmental awareness, which is why each and every one of us undertakes in our conduct to achieve a truly sustainable growth project.

We work non-stop to improve the technologies and materials we use in order to reduce the environmental footprint of our production cycle, creating for instance metal finishes with the innovative and environmentally-friendly MSD (Magnetron Sputtering Deposition) process which exploits the principles of physics and not chemistry, and eradicates all harmful emissions. To facilitate disposal, all our packaging is fully recyclable. Cardboard packs and containers for our products are all made from recycled material, while cardboard boxes used for transport are printed with water-based ink and make exclusive use of eco-sustainable glues.

Vimar for world