USB socket outlets, also high power

No more smartphones and laptops with flat batteries

Smartphones and portable computers are an increasingly significant part of our everyday lives, allowing us not only to be connected with the outside world, but also to access a series of home management functions which make our everyday life easier. This mass trend is supplemented by the increasingly widespread use - on the part of manufacturers - of type C USB socket outlets, which are more compact and perform better and they will become mandatory, from October 2024, by European regulations with the aim of reducing the proliferation of portable chargers, which are now no longer supplied in the smartphone box.

Presa Alimentatore USB Vimar

To meet the needs of this new market scenario, Vimar - who has always cared about implementing the latest technological trends and keeping up with regulations while also accommodating the needs of consumers - is offering two new products for charging portable devices: genuine flush mounting socket outlets to be fitted beside the usual Bi-socket outlets and universal socket outlets.

high power USB socket outlets

The smartphone industry is undergoing a new development phase whereby the main players in the industry are offering devices with increasingly powerful batteries which however require much faster charging times. For this reason, Vimar is offering a 2-module flush mounting device - obviously fitted with a type C USB socket outlet and available for the Eikon, Arké and Plana series in the related colours of the controls - with a power of 30W, which supports USB Power Delivery technology - the standard which allows you to reach much faster charging levels compared to traditional technologies - and is certified USB-IF. The new high-power USB power supply unit therefore allows you to charge quickly (in 30 minutes if you have more than 50% charge left) all the major smartphones and the majority of new notebook models which accept fast charging. This device is particularly useful, and one of its most practical applications is in the hotel industry, avoiding guests having to pack their portable power supply units in their luggage.

Presa USB 2M Vimar EN

P40 universal socket outlet with built-in USB

Of particular interest to the residential and service industry is also the 16A P40 universal socket outlet with built-in 3A type C USB. A 2-module device that allows the simultaneous use of two socket outlets. This way, the portable device can be charged while at the same time powering any other device, such as lamps and appliances. Also available for the Eikon, Arké and Plana series, the new socket outlet allows you to optimise the lighting device and leave more room for other services.

Both products complement and supplement the already broad variety of USB socket outlets in multiple variants and modular designs, which are compatible with devices by the principal manufacturers. Compact, technologically performing and with matching styling with all the finishes in the Eikon, Arké and Plana series, these socket outlets are available in a compact 1-module version that includes in a single device two types of outputs for a total power of 2.4 A (distributed across both outputs). The compact 1-module version is supplemented with the new type A+C or C+C socket outlets on two modules, with two output types for a total power of 3 A, where the type C outputs allow fast charging up to 3 A 5 V. The range is completed by type A or C socket outlets on a single module, designed to deliver a total power of 1.5 A Whether they match the elegant design of Eikon, the contemporary appeal of Arké,  the informal look of Plana or the classic style of Idea, Vimar USB socket outlets are capable of blending in seamlessly with any architectural context.

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