Linea with XT platform: home automation system and technology

User-friendly, modular and expandable

Vimar continues to take great strides in the home automation system and technological fields: in fact, as of today the brand has put to market Linea with XT platform, the evolution of the wiring series launched in October 2022; the XT platform is its home automation system soul on By-me Plus technology, distinguished by dynamism and scalability that make it truly unique.

Piattaforma XT Serie Linea

Flat design and customisation possibilities

The XT platform stands for “eXperience Technology”, an innovative high-tech experience for the automated home, with full-surface controls for a distinctive perfect flatness that makes it one of a kind. With its understated and user-friendly design, this product also offers a wide range of customisation options, in different ways: thanks to user-friendly, self-explanatory icons which can be selected from an extensive library of static symbols, or thanks to a broad range of static or dynamic LED matrix icons that can be programmed using the View Pro App, to make each product customised and different and accommodate all customer requirements while enhancing the identity of the accommodation facility.

Linea piattaforma XT modularità

The XT platform truly provides an enhanced user experience; the scalability and expandability of its structure make it possible to boost and move the front functions extremely easily, without having to adjust any wiring, turning a control of lights and roller shutters into temperature management and scenario activation. This product is also innovative in its ultimate flexibility and the multitude of opportunities it offers, including the 1-module button which can be used to manage up to no less than 4 different functions in a single control, making it an extremely functional and flexible product, with the possibility of carrying out between 1 and 20 activations in 2-, -3 and 4-module boxes. This dynamism of increasing functions on the same control device is an advantage both during the installation phase and in renovations, and this is without masonry work, thereby making it possible to create entirely customisable and modifiable compositions to suit the customer’s specific needs. The proximity sensor in the advanced modules and in the thermostat allow you to activate the device simply by approaching it with your hand; three different brightness levels can be set, for greater discretion at night, allowing for reduced device electricity consumption.

Linea piattaforma XT montaggio

The XT controls, which are available in black, white and canvas, also feature precise, silent activation mechanisms across the entire surface with microswitches that offer impeccable feedback on activation.

Linea piattaforma XT Bianco Canapa Nero

The XT platform integrates perfectly with Linea modular devices: indeed, perfect coordination can be achieved between the two platforms thanks to the mixed mounting frames, which can accommodate electromechanical and electronic connector blocks with 1 or 2 modules, such as socket outlets, together with XT home automation controls, providing the perfect combination of design and functionality to create a product in which Vimar’s positive energy becomes pure innovation.

Linea piattaforma XT Dispositivi Modulari Linea

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