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IoT connected roller shutter module
View Wireless connected actuator for 1 roller shutter with slat orientation and change-over relay output for cosφ 0,6 2 A 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz motor, remote control, double technology with Bluetooth® wireless technology 5.0 standard for the realization of View Wireless mesh system and Zigbee 3.0 standard,100-240 V 50/60 Hz power supply, flush mounting at the back of the device

  • Configuration from View Wireless App for Bluetooth technology system and Amazon App for Zigbee technology
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, using the dedicated gateway or Zigbee hub
  • The shape fosters maximum flexibility of installation (retrofit, junction boxes, etc.)
  • When operated directly from the battery-free controls, wiring with electro-mechanical push buttons is not necessary

Product Status
3 - Active

Class group
Domestic switching devices
Push-switch button
Rated current
2,00 A
With signal lamp
Anti-bacterial treatment
Surface finishing
RAL-number (similar)
Label space/information surface
Width of device
50,35 mm
Height of device
50,65 mm
Depth of device
19,50 mm

10. EAC Eurasian Customs Union

19. NOM - Mexico

29. QCERT - Colombia

40. Bluetooth technology

43. UKCA mark - Great Britain

92. RoHS UAE

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
6x5.4x5.2 [cm]
52.2 [g]
Barcode Qty 60 NR
60 NR
37.5x30x13.5 [cm]
3,442 [g]
Question: How many devices can I install in a Wireless system?
Answer: The system allows the configuration of a maximum of 64 devices for each gateway code 14597-16497-19597-20597
Question: Which App is dedicated to system configuration?
Answer: The system can be configured using the View Wireless App.
Question: How do you reset the devices?
Answer: Resetting is done by pressing the configuration push button for a prolonged amount of time, which must be done within 5 min of commissioning (powering) the product.
Question: How many Energy meters art.02963 can I install in a Wireless system?
Answer: Each connected system allows a maximum of 2 meters art.02963.
Question: If I use the ZIgBee 3.0 operating mode, with which App do I configure Vimar devices?
Answer: You need to use the VIEW Wireless App to convert the operating mode (Bluetooth by default) into the ZigBee mode of those products that envisage it. Whereas for configuration, use the specific App of the ZigBee gateway system being used (for instance, the Amazon App)
Question: What is the maximum distance permitted between two modules (or between a module and the gateway) for them to communicate correctly via Bluetooth or Zigbee?
Answer: The range of each product in both technologies (BLE/ZigBee) is around 10 metres in an open field, but you should consider that the devices manage the mesh network function, for which each device in the network propagates the traffic it receives towards the other devices/nodes, so in the event that the distance between two devices is too far, this can be remedied by introducing another device in the middle of the section concerned.
Question: After programming and setting all the devices (including the gateway), are they capable of communicating with one another using the Bluetooth network alone? If the Wi-Fi network is down, can the devices be managed from a smartphone using only the Bluetooth connection?
Answer: Connected devices, provided the gateway is present, can also liaise with one another without a Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi network will momentarily be necessary during configuration to obtain the complete commissioning of the system; moreover, the system is designed to be normally connected to the Internet. The devices cannot be managed via Bluetooth; this technology comes into play on the smartphone during the commissioning phase alone. During the administration phase, the management only takes place via Wi-Fi network.

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