Conditions of Use

Vimar services are subject to the terms and conditions laid down in this document (the "Conditions of Use"). By accessing the Services, you are accepting the Conditions of Use. Vimar reserves the right to make any changes it may see fit to the Conditions of Use. Use of the services is governed by the latest release of the Conditions of Use published on this page at the time of use. Furthermore, when using special Services or Resources, you must abide by the guidelines and regulations applicable to said Services or Resources as they may contain additional terms and conditions not included in the Conditions of Use. All guidelines and regulations are in accordance with the Conditions of Use.  Failure to comply with any one of the Conditions of Use will automatically annul any right to access the services and any resources downloaded or printed must be immediately destroyed.

Limited copyright licence

The Resources and Services offered by Vimar are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. Any unauthorized use of the Services and Resources constitutes a violation of these laws.  Unless expressly authorized in this document,  Vimar and its suppliers do not accord you any explicit or implicit rights deriving from patents, copyright, trademarks or confidential information regarding the Services and Resources.
Unless indicated in this document and only when authorized in writing, information and documents obtained from Vimar Services may not be reproduced, either in part or in full, and in any way or in any format .

Use of software. The attached software and documentation are the property of Vimar and/or its suppliers, and are protected by copyright. Use of the software is governed by the conditions set forth in the user licence accompanying the software and included with it. Any attempt to decompile , disassemble or obtain the source code of the software that Vimar provides through its Services it not permitted.

Use of the information on the website. Unless clearly indicated otherwise by Vimar ,  documents and information can be viewed, downloaded and printed under the following conditions only:

  1. Documents and information are for personal use, for general information, and for internal and not commercial purposes.
  2. Documents and information may not be modified or altered in any way.
  3. The documents and information provided may not be distributed.
  4. Any information regarding copyright or ownership contained in the documents and information must not be deleted.
  5. Vimar reserves the right to withdraw the authorization to view, download and print documents and information contained in the Services at any time. All use must stop immediately on receipt of written notice from Vimar.
  6. Vimar reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the information and documents.
  7. Any rights you are entitled to constitute a user licence and not transfer of title.

The aforementioned right to view, download and print documents and information contained in Vimar Services does not apply to the design and layout of the Services themselves. All constituent elements of the Services are protected by trademark and other laws, and may not be copied or reproduced, either in full or in part.

Limited Responsibility

All resources (information, software, music, sounds, photos, images, video, etc.) that are accessible either publicly or privately are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the body making them available. Under no circumstances and for no reason whatsoever shall Vimar be held responsible for Resources available unless actually supplied by Vimar.

Suspension of service

For all services that require a user account, Vimar reserves the right to suspend the account or the services without any prior notice.



Amended on 10/04/2018