Neve Up

A good choice for any residential, hospitality and office spaces

New recognizable design to guarantee full functionality, quality, security and easy installation. 

Black or white?

Perfectly coordinated.
Same colour for cover plates and switches.

Placca Elettrica Neve Up Black Vimar
Placca Elettrica Neve Up White Vimar

We have designed a comprehensive switches system that allows you, with the flexibility of its modular system, to have more opportunities to create or upgrade your best-fit electric installation.

In addition to white, Neve Up has several finishes: glossy basics, matt and metal.
The range offers a choice of 12 cover plate colour options and its functions are available in a glossy white or matt black finish.

Neve Up is also smart

Easy installation in just a few steps.

If you have to build or renovate an area of the home or an entire dwelling, store, restaurant, office and in those situations where masonry work and repainting tasks need to be kept to a minimum. Enhance the value of the property and improving life for those who live there. Thanks to the wireless connectivity, you can control and manage lights, roller shutters, room temperature and energy consumption levels, simply from your smartphone or naturally using your voice directly.

Neve Up Smart App View Vimar

Traditional electrical systems become smart

Update, extend or replace your wiring system. Simply replace traditional
1 or 2-way switches in the existing system with new digital devices by Vimar and power them: 2-way switches, roller shutter and curtain actuators, actuators for connected socket outlets, equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology and Zigbee® technology. View Wireless is ideal for new buildings, renovations or for boosting the functions of an existing system and it is a useful means of support for the elderly and people with restricted mobility.

Neve Up Control Via App From Remote Vimar

Control via app from remote

Neve Up Temperature Control Vimar

Temperature control

Neve Up Voice Control Vimar

Voice control

Neve Up: solutions for the home and the office

Neve Up Stand Alone Thermonstat Vimar

Stand alone thermostat

Neve Up Usb Socket Outlets Vimar

USB socket outlets

Neve Up Universal Dimmer Vimar

Universal dimmer

Neve Up Emergency Lamp Vimar

Emergency lamp

Neve Up Infrared 1 Way Switch Vimar

Infrared 1-way switch

No play, perfect aesthetics 

No play, perfect aesthetics The cover plate is capable on engulfing the box that protrudes out of the wall, leaving no space between the cover plate and the wall itself, for aesthetics without compromise.

Placca Elettrica Neve Up Installazione Parete

Versatile & multistandard

We have redesigned Neve Up to accommodate the various requirements in various different countries: an extensive and versatile range of devices in all international standards, available for both Italian/US and French/German standards.

Neve Up Modular Italian Us Standard

Modular and multi-modular solutions
(Italian/US standards) 

Neve Up Modular French German Standard

Multigang solutions
(French/German standards)