Neve Up

The smart choice. It’s now connected

A good solution for any residential, hospitality and office spaces.

Black or White?

Design and Finishes

Perfectly coordinated.
Same colour for cover plates and switches.


Total Look - Carbon matt


Total Look - White

Neve Up is bright white but not only white

We have designed a comprehensive switches system that allows you, with the flexibility of its modular system, to have more opportunities to create or upgrade your best-fit electric installation.

In addition to white, Neve Up has several finishes: glossy basicsmatt and metal.
The range offers a choice of 12 cover plate colour options and its functions are available in a glossy white or matt black finish.

Smart and Connected solutions

The View Wireless System

Update your living spaces with ease

The View Wireless system, also thanks to the connected dimmers, allows you to manage room lighting, motorized shutters or curtains and access control, and does so more easily and safely with the presence detectors. It also allows you to control the temperature, monitor energy consumption, manage loads and set scenarios with maximum simplicity.

View Wireless is ideal in case of renovation or enhancement of functions of an existing system. It is also a useful support for the elderly and for people with mobility difficulties.


The certainity of physical control

The connected devices operate even if there is not the connectivity and through those operate without batteries and wireless, it is possible to improve your system with additional functions.


The convenience of control via App

To control the status of lights, the position of curtains and motorised roller shutters, as well as temperature, accesses and energy loads, wherever you may be.


The opportunity of voice control

Controlling your home with your voice makes technology accessible to everyone, including the elderly or the disabled.

Smarter and easier control


The perfect scenarios, with just one touch


Temperature regulation, comfort and energy saving


Smart system for access control


Always the right setting lighting


Monitoring consumption to prevent black-out


Assisted Living

Stand-alone solutions

Easy and comfortable stand-alone solutions for homes, offices and hospitality


Stand alone thermostat


USB socket outlets


Universal dimmer


Emergency lamp

Watertight boxes

Protected from dust and humidity

Co-ordinated, versatile and resistant range

The enclosures extend their field of action to environments where IP40 and IP55 degrees of protection are required: warehouses, basements and boiler rooms, construction sites, terraces, gardens and sports facilities.

Wall mounted for 3 and 4 modules with transparent anti-UV membrane, compatible with the Neve Up series. For wall installation with IP55 protection against dust and water splashes. Suitable for use in different contexts thanks to the glossy white and black finishes with a central part in soft membrane for activating the controls without the need for opening.


Aesthetics, versatile and multistandard

No play, perfect aesthetics 

No play, perfect aesthetics The cover plate is capable on engulfing the box that protrudes out of the wall, leaving no space between the cover plate and the wall itself, for aesthetics without compromise.

Placca Elettrica Neve Up Installazione Parete

Extensive, versatile and multistandard range

We have redesigned Neve Up to accommodate the various requirements in various different countries: an extensive and versatile range of devices in all international standards, available for both Italian/US and French/German standards.

Neve Up Modular Italian Us Standard

Modular and multi-modular solutions
(Italian/US standards) 

Neve Up Modular French German Standard

Multigang solutions
(French/German standards)