Nautical automation system

Design and technology travel the seas

The integration of home automation functions and automations also applies to the naval and nautical sector, enabling the smart management of vessels while guaranteeing on-board comfort. Just as in buildings and homes, in this sector too, home automation is designed to make the shipowner’s life easier. All this is possible thanks to an integrated high-tech system, which uses radio frequency to eliminate the need for wired connections and wiring, allowing the central management (also remotely) of a multitude of functions: from managing lights to their intensity and temperature, through to access control.

Domotica navale Vimar

Automate your boat with dedicated solutions

There are a myriad solutions, which adapt to the requirements of the boat and of its guests: from automations for curtains and lights, which are ideal for boats and pleasure craft, the home automation system can expand to include integrated climate control, access control and safety on board, which is indispensable in yachts and cruise liners.
To enjoy life at sea with domestic levels of comfort and safety.

A pure crystal-like touch

Our lengthy expertise in the nautical sector has led to the creation of products dedicated to this market. Elegant, high-performance touch controls, for easy installation on the walls of boats. 

Eikon Tactil is an innovative solution that offers complete control of various functions on board, and it was rewarded with the prestigious DAME Design Award for its "simple, highly versatile, elegant and customisable style: a huge leap forward for interior design".

Domotica Nautica Eikon Tactil Vimar

The ship gets smart with wireless controls

Practicality, freedom of wireless installation and versatility. Suitable for all surfaces (such as wood, glass, masonry, etc.), wireless devices offer the practicality of controls without batteries, thereby respecting the environment while also achieving energy savings. Wireless lighting devices do not weigh down the interiors of the boat and since they are surface mounted, they don’t create any problems on the thin walls of a boat.

EnOcean, Bluetooth and ZigBee wireless controls are an innovative solution, supported by the state-of-the-art radio frequency technologies.

Radiofrequenza Arké wireless Vimar

Make your identity stand out

To promote the identity of your boat, all the cover plates can bear its logo, while the buttons and controls can be customised based on the chosen function.

Laser technology makes it possible to replicate any symbol accurately choosing from an extensive gallery of pictograms that identify the most widespread functions. Thanks to RGB LED backlighting, you can opt for the colour you want for the symbols you choose, giving you ample scope to customise the elegant plate glass surface.

Personalizzazione Arke Round Gt2Oo20Apx

Naval automation on board

Whether your field is cruise liners, luxury ships, power yachts or sailing boats, you’ll have a series of specific needs to meet when it comes to design, construction, management and maintenance. Vimar solutions are designed to optimise and automate functions, to deliver comfort, safety and energy efficiency, while also offering the very best Italian design and ample scope for customisation.

Domotica Navale Crociera

Cruise liners

These large-scale vessels combine elegantly designed interiors with advanced marine engineering, to provide first-class services for thousands of passengers, in the utmost comfort and safety.


Domotica Navale luxury

Luxury ships

Smaller but highly prestigious, these ships provide an intimate, distinctive atmosphere offering passengers a bespoke experience that’s immersive and exclusive.

Domotica Navale yacht


These veritable floating villas feature tailor-made interior design and state-of-the-art technology. The result is all-round, absolute quality, that really does set sail in style.


Domotica Navale Barca Vela

Sailing boats

Lean and purposeful, these boats slice through the waves with graceful determination. Styling is backed up by smart, high-tech solutions that blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

Home automation systems for cruise liners and luxury ships

Domotica Navale Crociera Britannia Vimar

Vimar’s solutions are multifarious and designed to meet the needs of each area of the ship and of its every passenger. They combine top-level design and technology in a smart, latest-generation package crafted for optimum power management in every area on-board: from large public areas to every class of cabin, and from sports facilities to wellness complexes, they bring functionality, flexibility and unrivalled ease of use.

Domotica Navale Controllo automazioni Vimar

Control of lighting

Adjust the intensity of your lighting, or switch your lights on or off. All with instant, one-touch control and state display.


Domotica Navale Controllo accessi Vimar

Card reader

Simply insert the card in the reader: the lights come on, the temperature adjusts to the level you want, and any pre-set welcome scenarios get under way.

Vimar Domotica Navale Clima

Climate control

If the pre-set temperature of the climate control is warmer or cooler than you want, you can change it whenever you like with a single touch.

Domotica Navale Servizio camera Vimar

External connections

Using a simple set of icons, guests can tell the service crew whether to leave them undisturbed or come in and clean.


Our obsessive attention to detail, in both design and technology, helps make every cruise a delight.
Every cabin offers simple, functional solutions that give guests everything they need and create the feelgood factor for a memorably relaxing cruise. Our devices meet the most widely recognised international standards, so whatever your energy management needs, we’ve got them covered.

Vimar Domotica Navale Controllo Luci Gsz02Vax1D

Light at your fingertips

All it takes is a touch to switch your lights on and off. And clear, customisable switches give guests full, precise control of the lighting throughout their cabin.


Vimar Domotica Navale Standard Internazionali Gsz02Vaxcq

Multiple standards

A wide range of socket outlets to the most commonly used standards, all equipped with SICURY safety shutters, cater for the needs of guests from various parts of the world.


Vimar Domotica Navale Usb Gsz02Vaxk8

USB socket outlets

With our high-performance devices, guests can charge their smartphones at high speed, while running another device off the mains supply.


Home automation systems for yachts and sailing boats

Domotica Nautica Yacht Vimar

Yachts and sailing boats are a concentrated essence of design and technology, formulated for comfort and well-being. Exclusive, but more intimate in scale, yachts and sailing boats have a clear-cut aesthetic identity that emerges in the electronic and electrical devices too.
The main deck hosts a disparate range of functions, in the form of technical areas and relaxation areas, like the lounge - but they all have one thing in common: design and technology. That’s why Vimar solutions combine high performance, functionality and flexibility, with unmistakeable, uniquely Italian style.

Domotica Nautica Eikon Tactil

Technology and design

A dedicated power supply, superslim design, for installation in the thin walls of yachts. And we’ve reinvented our Eikon Tactil cover plate to add elegance and intelligence to life on-board.


Domotica nautica Wi-Fi access point Vimar

The mains signal even reaches poorly covered areas

A Wi-Fi access point is the simplest way to extend your internet connectivity throughout your craft, to get coverage everywhere, even where your router signal is weak or absent.

Domotica Nautica Eikon Tactil Controllo luci Vimar

Touch sensitive

On, off, brighter, dimmer? Controlling your lights is effortlessly easy with the touch surface of Eikon Tactil.


Shipboard bathrooms may be compact, but they can still accommodate a range of electrical functions that ensure comfort, practicality and total safety. 
Precise, advanced and designed to meet every need: our devices channel the latest interior design trends, even on the open sea. And thanks to their top-class performance, operating in-cabin electrical equipment is all pleasure, no effort.


Domotica Nautica Serie Stagna Vimar

Safety first and foremost

The special sealed covers we fit on every socket outlet keep wet and humid environments fully protected at all times.

Domotica Navale Plana Internazionale Vimar

Nothing left to chance

Our special socket outlets with built-in transformer automatically select the right voltage for any type of shaver you plug into them.

Domotica Navale Plana Soccorso Vimar

Never out of contact

In the event of an emergency, a quick tug on the ceiling pull will send out an alarm and bring help immediately.

Domotica Navale Segnalazione acustica Vimar

Emergency signal

The ceiling pull alarm is accompanied by an acoustic signal, while an emergency lamp makes sure you’re not left in the dark even if there’s a power outage.

Take to the sea with Vimar

Matching styling

Whatever your style, you can’t dispense with detail. That’s why we offer a vast range of cover plates to frame our control devices. Available in a wide variety of materials, colours, shapes and finishes, they complement any setting and coordinate with the most specific interior design styles.

Isoset: protection comes first

The mounting boxes and enclosures in the protected and watertight series extend their field of action to environments where IP40, IP55 and IP66 degrees of protection are required.
The controls are protected by the waterproof and watertight box, making them perfectly protected from humidity and moisture. 
From 1 to 16 modules, with cover and transparent membrane, with the option of hooking the devices both horizontally and vertically.

Vimar products allow the creation of safe systems, to meet the requirements set by the standards EN 60079 and CEI 64-2.

Contenitore Ip protezione acqua Vimar