IDEA an updated classic

As many solutions as there are ideas

An extremely sophisticated, contemporary classic: Idea brings form to beauty following your taste, and makes the electrical system another way of expressing your style. Through the rigorous lines of the Classica cover plate or the softer forms of Rondò, to match with anthracite grey or white buttons. Idea offers you the greatest freedom in design choice: more than 200 functions to manage every room in the home, many colours and different materials to mix and match as you please. To manage energy under the sign of exclusive elegance.


Connected wiring series

Wireless 1-way switches and socket outlets

Make a traditional system smart: the Vimar View Wireless system is designed to manage lighting in environments, roller shutters or motorised curtains, monitor energy consumption and manage scenarios, with the utmost simplicity using classic 1-way switches, via App or directly by voice.

You can create a connected system, suitable for any architectural context, thanks to the completely matching styling of the digital products and their easy functional expandability. Simply replace traditional 1-way switches in the existing system with new digital devices by Vimar and power them: 2-way switches, roller shutter and curtain actuators, actuators for connected socket outlets, equipped with Bluetooth® and Zigbee® technology.

Modular controls.

Bipolar switch function

Every space and every function has its own ideal control. From the minimal space for one module to a maximum of three for buttons.


Comandi modulari Idea Vimar

Infrared management.

Button functions

To operate lights and automations with the utmost precision with infrareds operated from the remote control, for maximum comfort.


Gestione infrarossi Idea Vimar

Automatic switches.

IR switch function

Switches on the lights as you walk by. And keeps them on for just as long as you wish. To save energy and move freely.


Interruttore IR Idea Vimar

Door opener, lights, roller shutters

Functions of buttons with laser-engraved symbols

the control you need is always within reach, framed by an elegant cover plate. With or without symbols to clarify their use, they meet all installation needs.


Pulsanti apriporta, luci, tapparelle Idea Vimar
Configuratore colori placche per interruttori Idea Vimar

Select the materials and colours

Enter the configurator 'Fai il punto'

Placche elettriche Idea referenza Vimar

IDEA series

Illuminate every moment of the day
Find out who has chosen Vimar products


A hand lamp at home

Removable and always ready for use

Ready immediately in the event of a blackout. It comes on automatically, lights your way in the dark, take it out and use it where you need. When the power comes back on, put it back in its place or in any other socket.


Torcia estraibile Idea Vimar

When it is time, it lights up like intelligence

In case of emergency.

If the power goes off, the fluorescent emergency lamp comes on and lights up the whole room. But if you prefer, you can use the version to install as a step light.


Luce d'emergenza Idea Vimar

Socket outlets for universal systems

For all standards

Wherever you are there's a socket outlet to suit you. Energy overcomes all boundaries, travelling inside safe, efficient systems that are functional to your living needs. All dressed up in an unmistakeable style: the one made in Italy.

If your home appliances, computers, Hi-Fi systems are not all Italian, the socket outlets must also be international, or rather, universal. Always at your fingertips for all standards.


Prese standard universali Idea Vimar

To always remain calm. Or better, safe.

Gas detector - no more worries, at home or when you are away.

Immediately detects a methane or LPG leak.
It gives off an acoustic and visual message to warn of the hazard. It instantly blocks the gas supply. If you're at home, it launches a telephone alarm.

Our goal is to detect possible risks and block the causes. Defend your home every time you leave, with many sensors and a simple display. Protect yourself, but also your home appliances. And live peacefully, with all your safety equipment.


Rilevatore di gas Idea Vimar

Idea dresses By-me home automation

Control and energy saving

Thanks to a sophisticated colour touch screen, you can easily monitor the entire home automation system. Simply touch the display to navigate quickly and conveniently throughout your home.

By-me, the Vimar home automation, an easy and intuitive technology to coordinate and manage lights, automations, temperature, safety and energy saving in your house, also remotely. And thanks to radio frequency, By-me can be extended with no need for masonry work.


Controllo e risparmio energetico Idea Vimar

Customised service.

A touch of style, for a unique and inimitable look

Laser-screen printed customised cover plates. Controls with symbols or writing to describe their function, chosen from the Vimar library or bespoke, and all can be backlit. Details that underline personality and a precise idea of beauty.

The customisation service. Houses, hotels, yachts, health facilities, businesses and anyone else interested can have cover plates marked with their own logo. With a tailor-made laser engraving service for buttons and appliances. A small detail to underline your own character, also for lighting points.


Placche personalizzate con serigrafie a laser Idea Vimar