ELVOX CCTV video surveillance systems

Elvox video surveillance: the most complete way of having everything under control.

More security means a better quality of life. Our surveillance systems are able to guarantee it, thanks to all-round control that prevents unpleasant incidents and provides supervision even in critical areas. The versatility and completeness of the Vimar package gives us the ability to cope with different requirements of coverage, installation and details. Ensuring the absolute tranquillity of protection at all times.

TVCC Sistema Videosorveglianza Telecamere Elvox

Advanced video surveillance technologies

To respond precisely to the different needs of the users who install them, the Vimar video surveillance line-up is available with two different technologies, IP and AHD, both offering superior performance levels and a wide range of solutions in terms of resolution, ease of installation, configuration and management. Thanks to the View App, integration between the By-alarm Plus and Elvox CCTV systems can be exploited to provide local and remote control also with alarm notifications and video-check streaming.

IP technology

IP cameras from 2 to 8 Mpx (4K) ensure filming even with very low brightness; they offer video analysis functions that analyse the images detecting abnormal behaviour, enabling the reduction of false alarms, perimeter control even with active deterrence and the efficient search for recordings with the classification of the targets concerned; they provide H.265+ and H.265s video compression that allows optimisation of both data storage in the NVR (available up to 64 channels) and transmission over the network.

Ideal for large business areas, it can also be used in residential contexts for a higher quality of the video image.

Tecnologia IP videosorveglianza Elvox Vimar

AHD technology

The range of AHD cameras from 5 to 8 Mpx (4K) combines high resolution with the same easy installation as analogue cameras, allowing installations of up to 300m without the need for additional accessories. Innovative cameras which are quick and easy to configure by OSD and high-performance hybrid DVR (XVR) with integrated video analysis functions to reduce false alarms. Versatile and complete solutions designed for total control with the utmost precision, even from the home automation system 10" multimedia video touch screen.

Tecnologia AHD videosorveglianza Elvox Vimar

By-camera App

By-camera lets you view images from new and existing Vimar video surveillance systems on your smartphone, in both IP and AHD technology. With this app, you can change specific DVR/NVR video recorder settings. By-camera also allows you to store and share images and videos directly with your smartphone. 

This app keeps you informed about what’s going on in the system and allows you to control and move motorised cameras and Speed domes remotely.


CVM CCTV Manager

The CVM CCTV Manager software is designed to monitor, manage and centralise XVR, NVR and Elvox IP cameras via the local LAN network or the Internet for up to 64 devices and up to a maximum of 256 video streams, including with mixed technology (AHD-IP) and without router configuration using the P2P service. It supports different user and authorisation levels, a XVR and NVR graphic interface based on pop-up windows and it can be configured by users to meet specific needs.

CVM TVCC Manager

High performance cameras, monitors and recorders

A wide range of increasingly performing products able to guarantee comprehensive control, even in critical areas. Innovative solutions, based on integrated IP and AHD technologies, specifically designed to be controlled even remotely providing a visibility of the monitored areas, perfect in the smallest detail.

After identifying the places to monitor and the control methods, it is time to define which is the most appropriate equipment: with regard to the cameras, of course, but also video recorders, monitors and accessories.

Dome cameras

The Dome video cameras for video surveillance are very compact and discreet and can be both surface-mounted and ceiling-mounted. Infrared illumination is already included in the camera with a range and angle appropriate to the lens installed.

The anti-vandal versions are suitable for outdoor and critical environments.

Telecamera Elvox Vimar Dome 4652.2812B

Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are compact and easy to install. The camera body is watertight and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Infrared illumination is already included in the camera with a range and angle appropriate to the lens installed.

All the cameras are also equipped with an articulated bracket for surface or ceiling installation.

Telecamera Elvox Vimar Bullet

PTZ cameras (Speed Dome)

The Speed Dome cameras, thanks to the tilt and zoom, guarantee maximum area coverage. The frame can be controlled remotely by an operator or set to perform a pre-stored path.

The zoom range can reach very high values.

Telecamere PTZ Speed Dome Elvox Vimar

DVR and NVR recorders

There are different types of video recorders, according to the performance and transmission of the signal.

DVRs interface directly with the cameras. NVRs, with their massive computing power, take advantage of IP technology. There are also hybrid recorders (analogue + IP) that combine the advantages of both technologies, offering a viable solution for the migration to digital

Registratori DVR e NVR videosorveglianza Vimar

IP and AHD video surveillance kit

Cutting-edge, especially for the residential and small tertiary sectors. A wide range of accessories, ease of use and installation allows to respond effectively to every need.

The product range features a wide variety of elements that complement the basic video surveillance kit: from the monitors to the power supplies, transducers, brackets and cases.

Kit TVCC Elvox Vimar 46254.036B

Elvox CCTV integration with JVSG software

To help professional installers, designers and integrators build video surveillance systems quickly and precisely, all Elvox CCTV IP and AHD cameras are integrated with the JVSG design software and with two useful tools such as: the focal length calculator, which makes it possible to identify the desired view with the utmost precision and the bandwidth calculator, to assess the data transmission rate and storage size needed to meet the specific needs of the system.

Integrazione TVCC Software JVSG
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CCTV and Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems for every environment

Vimar solutions adapt to the most diverse application areas. The versatility and scalability, combined with high technology and simplicity of use, which distinguishes them, makes them suitable for small apartments as well as shopping malls and business centres, up to large industrial companies.

Video surveillance in the residential sector

The growing home security market has led to an increase in demand for custom-designed systems. The solutions responding to these requirements include cameras that deliver video check, preventive alert and active deterrence functions with flash and audio signals, all in support of the By-alarm Plus burglar alarm system.

These systems offer viewing of live images from all cameras, both locally and remotely, as well as the recording of events for later consultation. For uncompromising security.

Videosorveglianza nel residenziale Vimar

Video surveillance in the tertiary sector

The tertiary sector also requires reliable and flexible monitoring methods. An extensive product range, suited to the specific requirements of commercial environments, is therefore available; this includes compact high-resolution tilt cameras which are monitored and controlled from a supervisory workstation.

The solutions on offer suit small shops as well as large areas such as supermarkets: in this case the monitoring requirements for large indoor and outdoor areas are fully satisfied through system centralisation.

Videosorveglianza nel terziario Vimar

Video surveillance in the industrial sector

Business and industrial environments are the most complex, both in terms of technical devices and privacy restrictions.

Therefore Vimar offers advanced professional solutions with cutting-edge performance, capable of monitoring extremely large areas and offering top-level operation in various installation environments and conditions.

Videosorveglianza industriale Vimar