Vimar KNX controls

Vimar’s KNX range of controls, which are available for the Eikon, Arké and Plana series, has been recently expanded with the addition of new modules with more functions. The range now includes 2-module and 3-module devices in three different versions: without actuator, with actuator or with roller shutter actuator. Specifically, the new versions fitted with a lights and roller shutter actuator are designed to minimise the wiring of new systems and most of all to guarantee easy retrofitting into existing systems.


KNX control with 4 push buttons

KNX standard control device, RGB LED location in the dark with intensity adjustment, to be completed with two 1- or 2-module interchangeable button caps.


KNX control with 6 push buttons

KNX standard control device, RGB LED location in the dark with intensity adjustment, to be completed with 1- or 2-module interchangeable button caps.

Easy installation

One of the main advantages of controls with a built-in actuator consists in being able to connect the output directly to the loads (whether these are lights or roller shutter motors, curtains or Venetian blinds), thereby allowing smoother and quicker wiring for the benefit of the installer, who no longer needs to access the electric panel with wires, thus saving on labour and lengths of cable. 


Completely renewed mechanics and plastics are combined with a space-saving design of the box interior, thanks to the use of a new “L” shaped casing. This means that there is more room for the wires, thus facilitating installation, without having to apply excessive pressure to the device on its support during the fixing phase.


In the same way, the functions of each button have been improved: with just two buttons, the roller shutter can now be controlled and the slats can be turned by pressing the button briefly or by holding it down.

Design and matching styling

Last but not least, design, one of the strengths of Vimar’s entire product portfolio. For the Arké and Eikon series, the new controls include backlit symbols with RGB LEDs and the option to choose the colour of the LEDs and to assign one of three different brightness levels to each button when pressed. In addition, the large library of symbols available allows the button - which can always be backlit - to be customised with lasering for matching styling results. The new KNX controls are part of Vimar’s offer, which is constantly focused on finding solutions tailored to the requirements of end customers, while offering greater usability and installation quality for professionals.


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