Eikon Evo

An expression of elegance, prestige and sustainability

The Eikon wiring series stands out for its high technology solutions devised to evolve side-by-side with lifestyles, making the electrical system unique. Prized materials and finishes treated with a scrupulous machining process, carried out with painstaking care for every detail: from machining stone and metal to glass.

Eikon is the image of luxury in all its facets, providing an impeccable solution for every style choice. Designed to be sustainable, with the most sophisticated functions for superlative energy management.


Refined, high-tech taste

Eikon Evo is synonymous with elegance; its impeccable, light-weight and minimal silhouette is enhanced by prized materials.

Its Tactil version is seductive at first glance, owing to the sophisticated touch technology, detecting your presence, anticipating your moves, lighting the controls. 


Materials and finishes


Design comes together with technology

Solutions for responsible energy management and simple day-to-day life

All it takes is a simple gesture and any space can become smart, interacting with you and making your wishes come true in real time, even remotely, wherever you may be. All our control devices team up perfectly with the Eikon range for totally matching styling.

Voice control with Eikon Evo black_EXP

We design for the world

The product line-up stands out for its total modular and installation versatility. Devices in the most common international standards, cover plates with between 1 and 21 modules and multi-module cover plates to optimise several devices within one device with superior styling value.

Modularità Internazione_EXP

Conventional stand-alone solutions

Over 200 functions to make day-to-day life easier.