Automation systems - Motors for gates, doors and windows

Elvox gate automation systems have been designed to give the best in terms of quality, performance and safety. All Elvox products comply with the European safety standards and are made of materials that guarantee high performance and durability over time. In addition they have a design that enhances product aesthetics and a precise and reliable operation. . 

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Gate automation systems App: smart tools for control

By-gate: open and close the gate with your smartphone

Preparing the gate motor with the Wi-Fi connection module and thanks to the By-gate app, you can manage the gate at any time, from anywhere, and immediately: directly from your smartphone. Just one gesture to open, close, stop the gate remotely, from anywhere and at any time.

The user knows the status of his/her gate at any time. The app communicates any opening, even if only partial, in real time through automatic notifications allowing the user to act accordingly.

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By-gate Pro: work for professionals becomes easier

All you need is a simple app to perform a quick and intuitive digital programming of the control panels connected to the Wi-Fi module. Thanks to remote management also the subsequent diagnostic, settings duplication, backup and assistance operations are facilitated.

Thanks to the cloud centralization, the installed systems data are available 24 hours a day allowing a quick intervention.

App By-gate Pro | automazioni per cancelli

Basic automation kit and wi-fi

All you need for the gate basic automation: motor, fixing plate, flashing light, photocells, key selector.

Supplied with Wi-Fi control board with display, ready to house the optional EMC.W module (supplied separately) for Wi-Fi communication with smartphones and tablets. 

Kit automazione cancello base e Wi-fi Vimar

Electric motors for sliding gates

Acto sliding gates motor

Acto is an automation system for sliding gates for residential and condominium use, complete with integrated electronic control panel. Acto motors are equipped with accessories which help to make functional and safe installations even on large gates, up to 600 kg in weight.

Actuator with die-cast aluminium base, painted cover to guarantee maximum weatherproofing. 

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Electric motors for swing gates

Motor for Ekko swing gates

Linear automation system for swing gates Wide range of actuators, diversified by motion transmission system and by aesthetic solutions, which can be used for gate leafs up to 5 meters long and 500 kg in weight. Solutions suitable both for residential use and for more intensive and industrial uses.

Motor for Ekko swing gates

Motore per cancelli battenti Ekko

Underground motor for Hiddy swing gates

Underground automation system for swing gates, extremely strong motors that can be installed underground, made of high quality materials, perfectly watertight, and with strong load-bearing foundation casings for large gate mechanisms.

The most elegant solution, ideal for design enthusiasts who want to retain the original appearance of their gates without sacrificing power and performance.

Automazioni - Motore interrabile per cancelli ad ante battenti Hiddy Vimar

Automation systems for up-and-over garage doors

Servomechanisms for Klys up-and-over doors

For doors up to 12 m2, quick and easy to install. They offer silent, smooth and safe movement without strain.

Motor for Klys up-and-over doors


Servomechanisms for Klys sectional doors

Equipped with a low-voltage motor and belt tracks for the quietest operation. For doors up to 12 m2.

Motor for Klys sectional doors

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Remote control, selector, keyboard, flashing light, photocells. The series of complementary products combines superb aesthetics with even safer and more complete control of the various functions. A complete range of technologically advanced accessories with a compact and elegant design, which fit perfectly into any environment or installation.

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Automation systems for gates, doors and windows

Automation systems for windows and doors

Motors for roller shutters and rolling doors

Automating thanks to the simple installation of a cylindrical motor is possible, with Vimar.

Tubular gear motors for rolling shutters, sun shades and rolling doors are designed to facilitate installation and - thanks to the accessories supplied - fit into the various types of windows and doors available, even existing models. For residential, commercial and tertiary use.

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Motors for windows

Double chain actuators for automating windows, complete with support and accessories for bottom-hung, top-hung and dome windows.

Installation is extremely simple, and it only takes a moment to automate existing mechanisms. 

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