By-alarm burglar alarm system

Burglar alarm and detection: safety begins at home

By-alarm Plus is a professional burglar alarm system made in Italy which can be installed in stand-alone mode or integrated with By-me Plus and Elvox CCTV systems via a protected IP connection. It ensures the building is safe, is flexible and easy to install. Thanks to the View App, integration between the By-alarm Plus and Elvox CCTV systems can be exploited to provide local and remote control also with alarm notifications and video-check streaming.

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Control unit

The control units (surface or flush mounting), which are ideal for controlling buildings with 25, 65 and 125 zones and designed to be placed discretely in any setting, can be positioned in 3 types of enclosures.

A plastic enclosure is available for surface mounting 25 or 65 zone control units; for 65 and 125 zone control units, the metal enclosure - with a reduced depth of just 95 mm – is the ideal solution. Last but not least, for the flush mounting solution, a dedicated 24-module decorative control unit has been made available.

All 3 enclosures are devised to accommodate the broadest variety of installation, functional and styling needs.

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Control App

Thanks to the View App, integration between the By-alarm Plus and Elvox CCTV systems can be exploited
to provide local and remote control also with alarm notifications and video check streaming. Moreover, the View App allows you to manage all of Vimar’s technological solutions for buildings easily, from a single control interface: the By-me Plus home automation system, the View Wireless smart system, the video door entry system, the Elvox CCTV video surveillance systems and the various IoT connected devices, making this line-up one of a kind on the market.

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Sensors and accessories

A complete range of wired contact and motion detection sensors for the installation of a functional system that can be expanded over time, allowing the control of every area of the building and avoid false alarms to ensure safe and secure everyday activities within buildings.

Passive infrared and microwave dual technology detectors, PET immune, anti-masking and anti-crawl, for surface mounting and outdoors IP54 for windows and doors. Indoor sirens and dual technology actuator for flush mounting devices, perfect for integration with all the Vimar wiring series: Eikon, Linea, Arké and Plana.

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Outdoor sirens

Reduced-depth outdoor sirens, available in the wired, bus and radio versions, supplied with 2 piezoelectric speakers and LED alarm signalling. 4 sounds and 4 timings for the bus and radio versions can be configured remotely. Maximum safety: anti-opening, anti-tear from the wall protections and anti-foam protection. They are designed to be installed in places exposed to the elements and are resistant to sudden temperature changes.

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Control keyboard

The control keyboard has a simple, compact and functional shape; light-weight on any wall, discrete in any setting. It is available in the double version, one of which has a built-in transponder reader and the other has 2 input/output terminals on board; it blends in seamlessly with any surroundings and with all the Vimar wiring series.

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Radio frequency extension

By-alarm Plus allows for expandability at any time via radio frequency.
The radio system boasts a number of innovative characteristics:

  • speedy firmware update of field devices thanks to the OTA (On-The-Air) mechanism
  • improved coverage and radio connection stability thanks to the use of two antennae for transceivers (antenna diversity) and thanks to the DRS Dynamic Route Search algorithm
  • immunity from intentional disturbance thanks to the anti-jamming function and SFH Slow Frequency Hopping which constantly changes the radio channel used
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System base kits

Kits are available to provide the system base with 25 and 65 zone control units. Specifically, 2 of these make it possible to create “connected” systems thanks to the IP gateway, with siren, keyboard, sensors and other accessories, while one is dedicated to radio extension (radio interface, radio remote controls and radio sensors).

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Plenty of functions, which are super-simple and safe to configure. For professionals.

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Simplified configuration

  •  A single interface device for configurable inputs/outputs.

  • Choice (without restrictions) of resistor values for wired sensors, thanks to the free programming of threshold values in the software.

  • More flexible software, counting the actual number of zones used (radio and wired) (non-configured inputs do not count).

  • Automatic tracking for connected systems.

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Always safer and more versatile in compliance with regulations

  • Greater security with By-alarm Plus: grade 3 level according to standard EN 50131 / IMQ, usable also for insurance purposes.
    Possibility of configuring the system and decreasing the level to grade 2.

  • Possibility of setting the system parameters via software.

Perfectly coordinated and integrated. For all styles of domestic environments.

Easy to create a bespoke system. All the By-alarm Plus system devices, such as sensors, indoor sirens and actuators, have been designed to offer the very best in terms of styling and functionality, ensuring a stylistic approach that strikes the perfect balance between consistency and attention to detail. What’s more, all the flush mounting devices are available for the Eikon, Linea, Arké, and Plana series: a multitude of combination variants with varying designs, materials and colours.

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