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Two rocker buttons+amplifier 1+1W
Two rocker push buttons and 8 ohm 1 + 1 W amplifier, incorporated line terminator, to be completed with 1 or 2 module interchangeable buttons - 2 modules

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问题: What is the maximum distance between the amplifier 14581, 20581 and the speakers 20587?
回答: The maximum distance between the speaker and amplifier depends on the cable section used. With a 1.5 mm cable, the distance can be up to 30 m, while the maximum distance drops to 10 m for a 1 mm cable.
问题: Can I connect just one speaker to amplifiers 01901, 14581, 20581?
回答: Yes, in this case you must terminate the unused amplifier channel with a 100 Ohm 1Watt resistance.




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