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2-way switch IoT connected mechanism
View Wireless connected electronic switch mechanism with 100-240 V 50/60 Hz relay output for 500 W incandescent lamps, 100 W LED lamps, 250 VA electronic transformers, 120 W fluorescent lamps, local or remote control, double technology with Bluetooth® wireless technology 5.0 standard for thecreation of View Wireless mesh system and Zigbee 3.0 standard, 1 input for external button for actuator control or to recall a scenario, RGB LED visible in darkness with brightness control, 100-240 V 50/60 Hz power supply, to be completed with 1-, 2- or 3-module Plana interchangeable buttons

  • Configuration from View Wireless App for Bluetooth technology system and Amazon App for Zigbee technology
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, using the dedicated gateway or Zigbee hub

3 - Active


Class group
Domestic switching devices
Installation switch
Wiring system
Two-way switch
Method of operation
Assembly arrangement
Modular device for domestic switching devices
Number of modules (module system)
Push button switch
Number of rockers
Mounting method
Flush mounted (plaster)
Type of fastening
Engage (snap)
With mounting plate
Material quality
Halogen free
Surface protection
Surface finishing
RAL-number (similar)
Label space/information surface
Function lighting
Control and orientation
Type of lighting
LED not exchangeable
Suitable for degree of protection (IP)
Nominal voltage
250 v
Feedback-signal contact
Connection type
Screwed terminal
Washing machine switch
Width of device
22,30 mm
Height of device
49,00 mm
Depth of device
49,30 mm
Built-in depth
36,50 mm

19. NOM - Mexico

29. QCERT - Colombia

37. Marking - Morocco

37. Marking - Morocco

40. Bluetooth technology

42. Zigbee certified

43. UKCA mark - Great Britain

92. RoHS UAE

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1 NR
6x5.4x5.2 [cm]
53.2 [g]
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60 NR
37.5x30x13.5 [cm]
3,552 [g]
问题: How can I reset the connected 1-way switch and then associate it with my system via the Bluetooth mesh?
回答: To reset the device, turn off the power supply to the device and turn it back on, then press the front control for approximately 30 seconds, until the front LED, which is flashing blue, changes colour and flashes white; at this point, release the control and wait for the LED to turn off.
问题: How many devices can I install in a Wireless system?
回答: The system allows the configuration of a maximum of 64 devices for each gateway code 14597-16497-19597-20597
问题: Which App is dedicated to system configuration?
回答: The system can be configured using the View Wireless App.
问题: How do you reset the devices?
回答: Resetting is done by pressing the configuration push button for a prolonged amount of time, which must be done within 5 min of commissioning (powering) the product.
问题: With which physical devices can I activate a scenario control in the connected system?
回答: Mechanical push buttons connected to connected devices which envisage the function or using the radio control 03925.
问题: How many Energy meters art.02963 can I install in a Wireless system?
回答: Each connected system allows a maximum of 2 meters art.02963.
问题: If I use the ZIgBee 3.0 operating mode, with which App do I configure Vimar devices?
回答: You need to use the VIEW Wireless App to convert the operating mode (Bluetooth by default) into the ZigBee mode of those products that envisage it. Whereas for configuration, use the specific App of the ZigBee gateway system being used (for instance, the Amazon App)
问题: In a room with several controls (1-way switches/push buttons) operating the same light device, can I replace just one of them?
回答: Yes, replacing a single control with art. 14592-16492-19592-20592 is enough. The device instructions include the wiring diagrams for the system with multi-way/two-way switches or push buttons(i.e. controls of a light from more than one point).
问题: Can the connected 2-way switch art.14592-19492-19592-20592 be used as a 1-way switch for a controlled socket outlet
回答: No, as a minimum load of 2W is necessary for correct operation. To manage a controlled socket outlet, you can use art. 14593-16493-19593-20593 or art. 03981
问题: Using the Alexa assistant, fitted with Zigbee hub, can I control the Vimar connected 1-way switch via the Amazon App or do I also need the gateway art. 14597-19597-20597-16497?
回答: If you want to use the IoT connected simple actuator or roller shutters with Alexa (fitted with built-in ZigBee Hub), you do not need the Vimar gateway as the configuration and management of our products will be governed directly by Alexa’s ZigBee hub via the dedicated Amazon App;
问题: Can the connected 2-way switch also be used to adjust the light intensity in the case of dimmable LED strips?
回答: The product is designed to manage solely in on-off mode of a load, so the desired application is not feasible.




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