Due Fili pillar Digibus back interface - 69DM


ELVOX Door entry / Due Fili Plus / System components

Due Fili pillar Digibus back interface
Interface for use in combining a Digibus backbone with a Two-Wire riser. If several 69DM interfaces are used, a number of Due Fili risers can be connected to a single Digibus backbone. With a combination of the two systems, the Digibus backbone can cover considerable distances and the interphone/monitor riser can be connected using Due Fili hardware, installation on DIN rail (60715 TH35), occupies 8 modules size 17.5 mm

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Class group
Communication technique
Mounting accessories for door communication
Suitable for
Indoor station
Mounting method
Surface mounted (plaster)
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1 NR
15.9x12x8.4 [cm]
340 [g]
问题: Is it necessary to connect an entrance panel after the interface art.69DM?
回答: No, the Two-Wire riser can be assembled even without a Two-Wire entrance panel, but it must still be programmed using a Two-Wire entrance panel. The internal Two-Wire devices will be called from the Digibus entrance panel(s).
问题: How many cables must be connected to the 69DM interface?
回答: On the Digibus side: 3 + coaxial (in the case of video system), only 3 in audio door entry systems. On the Two-Wire side: a pair of twisted cables.
问题: What ID must be given to a 69DM interface?
回答: From 2 to 15, as the Two Wire system considers the interface as a secondary entrance panel
问题: How many entrance panels can be connected downline of a 69DM interface?
回答: Up to 14 entrance panels
问题: How many audio door entry phones or video door entry phone can be connected downline of the 69DM interface, i.e. on the Two Wire cable riser?
回答: Up to 200 devices in total (audio door entry phones or video door entry phone).




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