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Surf.Wi-Fi-touch-thermostat white
Electronic Wi-Fi touchscreen thermostat for local control and advanced management of temperature (heating and air-conditioning) in ON/OFF and PID modes, class I temperature control device (contribution 1%) in ON/OFF mode, class IV (contribution 2%) in PID mode, 1 input for external temperature sensor, change-over relay output 5(2) A 230 V~, power supply 230 V~ 50/60 Hz, white LED backlighting, for surface mounting

9 - Discontinued

问题: Is the touchscreen thermostat 02907 battery operated?
回答: No. It needs to be powered at the mains voltage of 230 V~, 50-60Hz
问题: Can I connect boiler-based central heating and a pellet stove to the thermostat?
回答: The device has available one change-over relay output 5(2) A 230 V to operate any circulation pumps, burners and solenoid valves. You will need to assess what type of control the other utilities require.
问题: Can the touchscreen thermostat 02907 be fitted in a flush mounting box?
回答: It can be installed directly onto the wall or over 2- and 3-module flush mounting boxes. We recommend surface mounting at a height of 1.5 m above floor level, in a suitable position for the correct detection of the room temperature, avoiding installation recesses<(>,<)> behind doors or curtains or areas affected by heat sources or atmospheric factors.
问题: What is the difference between thermostat code 02907 and timer-thermostat code 02911?
回答: Thermostat (02907) incorporates daily and weekly programming functions limited to use via APP (not local) whereas timer-thermostat 02911 also offers local daily and weekly programming functions as well as remote ones.
问题: Can the thermostat still be operated if there is a temporary failure in the Internet?
回答: The device continues to operate normally as a thermostat; the only limitation is that it cannot be reached via APP.
问题: Can the touchscreen thermostat 02907 manage both hot and cold air?
回答: It manages heating and air conditioning in PID and ON/OFF mode.
问题: The thermostat measures one degree more than the actual temperature.
回答: By working on the ˝temperature Offset˝ value inside the ˝Advanced operating parameters˝ you should be able to modify the temperature value read by the product.
问题: Does the product have a modbus rs485 or similar open protocol which allows for integrations?
回答: The product does not provide the possibility of being integrated with third-party devices using any type of standard protocol (e.g. modbus RS485).




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