1 MAY 1945 - 1 MAY 2005

For Vimar, May 1 is a special day: the anniversary of the company's foundation.
But this May 1 2005 has a special meaning for us: it’s our 60th birthday.
60 years on the crest of the wave, in the knowledge that our achievement is an important one: May 1 1945 was the start of a wonderful journey which, thanks to the enthusiasm of the founders Francesco Gusi and Walter Viaro, their commitment, dedication and courage, has taken Vimar to the vertices of the world electrical equipment industry with its unique products and ideas.

This success has been possible thanks to the fidelity shown us by our wholesalers and distributors, by thousands of designers and installers, and by numerous end users who have opened their houses, companies, hotels, offices and ships to Vimar products, making them familiar everyday objects for millions of Italians and others around the world.

We want to express our sincere thanks to all those who have worked and are working in Vimar and beyond, in the hope that the flow of positive energy which characterises Vimar may continues to create market opportunities and an even wider range of reliable and safe products.

viaro - gusi
foto storica vimar

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