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Starting today it is possible to control and manage the By-me home automation system comfortably seated on the sofa or while working at your desk, and without having to resort to masonry work for installation.

The new table bases for the home automation control system, the 4.3-inch touch screen and the video door entry unit create a new installation solution that joins the flush and surface mounting versions.

The base is made of a zinc, aluminium and magnesium alloy that because of its calibrated density, ensures optimum stability on any surface where it is set.   The subsequent chrome-plating treatment gives it a look that can adapt to any interior setting. The thermoplastic materials used for the shell also guarantee rigidity, impact-resistance and scratch-resistance.

Available in 5 different versions: anthracite, white and Next for the Eikon series; white and Silver for the Plana series, the new table bases have been mainly designed for the tertiary sector (hotel receptions, office, store, porter switchboards, etc.) and for the medium/high-end residential sector (home living room or study).

What's New

The By-me offer is completed with the new glass 4+4 module Round cover plates for control panels and touch-screens. 

Available for the Eikon series in 9 different colour combinations (ice black, ice white, ice amber, ice blue, ice yellow, ice green, mirror silver, mirror ash, mirror bronze), the new cover plates have been designed to meet the most demanding tastes and are the ideal solution for sophisticated, high-level environments. 
The rounded and elegant shapes together with the prestige of glass guarantee a complete aesthetic coordination of home automation systems of particular value.  And to offer the total white effect, the ice white cover plate has a white frame that perfectly combines with the soft satin finish of the white buttons.

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