Antibacterial Call-way

The perfect solution for all healthcare facilities.


The healthcare services provided by hospitals,clinics and nursing homes may vary considerably according to the size and nature of the facility. With this in mind, the Vimar Call-way bus system offers scalable solutions tailored to each specific facility, whether a small clinic or a large hospital.


The new Vimar range can meet any requirement while guaranteeing compliance with standard VDE 0834-1-2. Solutions are available for small facilities with call terminals and programmable control units with 8 inputs and 8 outputs; for clinics and medium-sized healthcare facilities with room displays and call terminals; and for large hospitals with room displays, call terminals, corridor displays and sound system management.


The wide range of available products makes life easier for both patients and medical staff while at the same time guaranteeing maximum hygiene. With this in mind, the range has been redesigned with antibacterial cover plates and devices. Specifically, the Plana residential series has been extended with the addition of an exclusive Plana Antibacterial version featuring white cover plates and inserts treated with silver ions to cut down the proliferation of germs and bacteria. This technology is effective on more than 50 different species of bacteria, reducing proliferation by more than 90% over a period of 24 hours. The same type of silver ion treatment has been used for the switches, displays and data and socket outlets present in the Call-way system. The antibacterial guarantee is laser-engraved on all call devices and on the series cover plates.

Prese Plana RJ e TV by Vimar
Plana Antibacterical by Vimar
Call-way modulo by Vimar
Gamma Call-way by Vimar
Call-way by Vimar

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