Assisted Living: more peaceful living with residential remote assistance devices

Telesoccorso Vimar

Safety of our loved-ones is an important issue and Vimar knows this only too well: that’s why they have developed a remote assistance system for relatives, designed quickly to activate emergency calls on the 4G-LTE mobile network. These products are both useful and reliable, and are part of the increasingly significant field of assisted living, therefore making life safer while enhancing the quality of life too.

The system consists of a hands-free desktop communication device with an emergency push button, designed quickly to make telephone calls to programmed numbers or to receive calls from favourite numbers and answer them automatically (in order to communicate via the device with the person in the home, if in need). The range also includes an emergency push button which can be worn as a bracelet or pendant, which activates the remote assistance call and a radio interface, which makes the system available for integration with the View Wireless and By-me Plus systems. This will make it possible to generate an emergency call even from a smart or home automation system device, integrating the remote assistance system with ceiling mounting radar sensors which detect a fall or prolonged stays in certain rooms, activate a call automatically and send a notification to reference contacts.

Assisted Living Vimar

Once again, with these new products, which can also be integrated with Vimar’s other systems, the brand becomes synonymous with reliability, making the concept of assisted living concrete and simple, facilitating an important aspect of day-to-day life such as the health and safety of our loved-ones.

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