At 9 p.m. the premiere of the By-me home automation system by Vimar

Managing comfort, security, lighting, automation and home control has never been easier and more fun!


The Vimar By-me home automation system can indeed be managed with a simple remote control and controlled using the TV screen or PC, which in this way becomes an actual control station that integrates home automation and entertainment.


Vimar has in fact designed an application that allows the By-me home automation system to interface with Microsoft Media Center® software, that is one of the leading digital entertainment containers.  Not only the home entertainment appliances it can manage such as, for example, hi-fi systems, DVD players, etc., but at the same time controls the entire system and utilities of the residence.


The Vimar application is also compatible with  the Mediacenter Extender devices, which make it possible to enjoy the use of the software contents on the TV screen by wireless connection.


By using a customised menu, it is possible to supervise the entire home, managing automation, lighting, climate, burglar alarms, video door entry and video control simply and intuitively. All of this while watching a movie comfortably seated on the sofa, listening to your favourite music or working at the computer.


It is particularly possible to:


  • control lights (on/off and adjustment), shutters and scenes;
  • manage climate in a differentiated manner for rooms using the thermostat and timer-thermostat control
  • activate, choke and control the burglar alarm system
  • view the video door entry calls including the video answering machine, open the lock and turn on the stair light
  • view, record and review the images transmitted by indoor and/or outdoor cameras;
  • monitor the home appliance consumption control in order to prevent the main circuit breaker of the energy distributor from being tripped (load control management);
  • view technical alarms such as, for example, those caused by gas or water leaks


All of these operations are performed using the remote control or PC mouse or keyboard, ensuring the user utmost flexibility combined with high performance in terms of comfort and ease of use.  


Installation is quick and easy. A  CD contains the software, today not only in Italian but in English and Spanish as well, for uploading the system configuration on the Microsoft Media Center® and, together with the CD, a USB-BUS interface is supplied for physically connecting the PC and By-me system through the RJ11 socket.  

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