Automation systems for hotels

Welcome to a comfortable and efficient accommodation facility, one that liaises continuously with guests.

Nothing is left to chance. From the facility manager/owner, who can guarantee superior management performance and energy efficiency, to the installer, whose work is made easier, and also the guest, who will appreciate the small comfort and safety details that make the difference between a normal stay and a quality one.

With Vimar, the hospitality sector meets sophisticated solutions, designed to offer guests the very best in comfort and safety. 

Guest room management system

The hospitality sector meets sophisticated solutions, designed to provide operators with simple and organised management of their tasks, while offering guests the very best in comfort and safety. 

Domotica Alberghiera Hotel Venissa Vimar

Access control and room management

Solutions devised to meet the needs of all the facility’s spaces, for ease of use and maximum flexibility. They make the staff’s job easier, while guaranteeing safety in all areas.

Domotica Alberghiera automazioni e gestione degli spazi Vimar

A smart accommodation facility

Well-contact Plus is Vimar’s solution to manage accommodation facilities, hotels and offices. Well-contact Plus affords complete control: automation, accesses, climate control and energy saving are all managed from a single system developed on the KNX standard.

Software gestione alberghiera Well-Contact Plus Vimar

Smart access control

Vimar presents new smart solutions for access control.
Simple to programme and easy to use, they increase the value of the facility, offering guests the best in comfort and safety.

Controllo Accessi Smart Per Strutture Ricettive Vimar Cop Go85R9 Gqw5Ukezo2

Matching styling

Each accommodation facility has its own distinct architectural identity that should also be reflected in its electrical and electronic devices. That is why we offer a vast range of cover plates to frame our control devices. Available in a wide variety of materials, colours, shapes and finishes, they complement any setting and meet the most specific interior design needs.