Business unit, Udine

Made-to-measure technology.

Young, dynamic, cosmopolitan and future-oriented. These are all adjectives that we usually describe people with, but in this case, we are describing a place. It is the new headquarters of the Pragma Group – a company that operates in multiple industries ranging from communications to commerce – located a few kilometres from the Udine city centre, inside in three new loft apartments.

The parallel between people and places in this case is all but inappropriate: the different rooms that comprise the offices seem to be strongly influenced by the personality of their tenants. The passion of the owners for architecture and interior design have in fact given rise to the creation of spaces that fully reflect their perspective which can be summed up in two words: urban mix. A collection of seemingly unrelated elements combined to create a truly unique and welcoming environment.

From the bar counter in the meeting room, used to prepare a drink with customers, to the ping pong table, for short, stress-relieving matches, a sense of informality and the desire to share purveys everything in an endeavour to render the working environment also a fun place to be in.

The offices distributed over three floors are total open-space environments. The absence of partitions, designed to foster communication and collaboration amongst the staff, did, however, present owners with the problem of large inefficiencies in energy consumption.  The solution was to install the Vimar By-me home automation system, which employs sophisticated but easy-to-use technology to optimise energy consumption and to aid in the management of such large spaces. Lighting, climate control and automation, everything is under control and the various functions can be supervised from a single point.

From the home automation control unit which is the heart of the system, all the various desired combinations of temperature, lighting and comfort can be configured and then accessed via the simple and intuitive touch screen interface located near the entrance. Efficient technology merged with elegant devices for the best possible management of all the spaces.

Every floor has a corresponding scenario with a preset combination of activated electrical devices and partial lighting, as well as predetermined temperature levels.
Thus, upon arrival at the office, the staff always find a comfortable environment.
Climbing a ladder between a highly peculiar Bookworm bookcase and a giant poster portraying the comic character, Dylan Dog, one of the E-way emergency lights can be seen. Featuring a linear and elegant design, these LED technology lamps, are characterised by a very high quality of light. Several of these have been installed and are ready to activate in the event of a blackout. Meanwhile, the video surveillance system with ELVOX cameras discreetly monitors all environments

Security, on the other hand, for those working on the computers, is about being able to transmit confidential information through a reliable system. For this reason, the Vimar Netsafe system was installed. It has Category 6 structured cabling, which allows fast transmission of data with ease and precision, both inside and outside the structure. For truly total connection.

In these spaces, alongside the sleek Ingo Maurer designer lamp and the highly unique coat hanger by Nromann Copenhagen, even the light terminals are part of the furnishings. The clean and strong lines of the Vimar Plana series in fact suits these environments perfectly. A minimalist style, in a material and colour – Reflex snow white – that gives it a very sleek and elegant look and render Plana an element of pure essence. Touch screens, switches, sockets and data jacks thus become visually inviting as well as being highly functional.

On the ground floor, a unique decoration catches the eye: wooden aeroplanes with rounded shapes as if they were children's toys, hanging on the wall. Testifying, with great irony, how one of the owners of the company overcame his fear of flying. Further evidence of the unique style that distinguishes these offices. Light as the contours of Plana and innovative as the technology of By-me.


System installation: Electric Energy S.r.l.
Home automation system: By-me
Home series: Plana

Terziario uffici pragma udine by me ambiente
Terziario uffici pragma udine by me corridoio
Terziario uffici pragma udine by me scale
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Terziario uffici pragma udine by me particolare placca
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Terziario uffici pragma udine by me scale

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