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Developed to respond to the needs of contemporary lifestyles, marked by the increasingly common use of mobile devices, the new By-door App is used to transfer video door entry calls directly to your smartphone or tablet, and respond in real time. So wherever you are in your home, you can see and talk to the person at the door.

The device just has to be connected by wifi to a local network including both the 10" IP Multimedia Video Touch Screen and the Web Server, with the call coming from a video door entry panel using the Due Fili Plus Elvox system.

The By-door app also allows you to switch on any Due Fili Plus or IP cameras  connected to the system, and control any auxiliary functions configured in the Due Fili Plus system.

A user-friendly menu helps you to choose how to manage entry panels, cameras, auxiliary and customised controls and settings. Moreover, if there is more than one entry panel in the system, each one can be associated to a representative image, taken from the gallery or by taking a photo using the camera on the entry panel. And, if there is more than one camera in the system, they can be set to display the images in sequence, with customised timer settings.

The new By-door app is available for both iOS and Android, and can be downloaded free of charge from iTunes or Google Play, or from the Mobile Applications section of the Vimar website.

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