By-me home automation on BlackBerry & Android

Thanks to Vimar technology, the By-me home automation system can also be controlled via BlackBerry & Android using simple, functional and free software.

The Vimar By-phone app features a set of intuitive icons that provide total control over the majority of functions in the home automation system, such as automations, scenes, temperature control, burglar alarm and technical alarms. All in the palm of your hand using the smartphone from RIM. It means that operating the By-me home automation system is easier than ever before, giving the option to remote control all home automations simply and effectively.

So your home is always under control and you have the climate you want.

  • Simple and immediate communication.
    With the Vimar By-phone software, remote communication with your home is simple and immediate. By using a set of symbols that are as pleasing to the eye as they are easy to understand, you can control many of your system functions with your mobile phone. Whether you use it for the By-me home automation system or for the ClimaPhone timer-thermostat. For each function you have different options, including: activate, deactivate, status, temperature control, etc. That way you can always keep abreast of the situation at home and change it as you like.
  • Top level security and a climate that's just right, all the time.
    When you are using the burglar alarm system, a user code protects your home, just as for all the operations requiring high security standards. Climate as well is always monitored. You can know what the temperature is, intervene in manual mode and alter the automatic programming parameters.
  • An extraordinary freedom of choice. For your first home and your holiday home.
    Freedom is absolute with the Vimar By-phone software. Language, display setup, associated sound effects: everything can be personalised to streamline your day-to-day usage. More than one GSM communicator can moreover be associated with the same mobile phone. For example, a By-me home automation system in town and a ClimaPhone timer-thermostat in the mountains.

BlackBerry: the multilingual (IT, EN, ES) application can be downloaded from the Vimar website (Product Software section) or directly from BlackBerry App World.

Android: the multilingual (IT, EN, ES) application can be downloaded from the Vimar website (Product Software section) or directly from Android market place.

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BlackBerry photo

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