By-me home automation on the iPhone

Vimar has developed a free Vimar  By-phone app that remotely manages most of the functions in the By-me home automation system; automations, scenes, temperature control, burglar alarm, technical alarms and all the functions of the ClimaPhone timer-thermostat; status request, temperature setting and operating mode.

With the By-phone app, communicating remotely with your home is simple and immediate.

Using a series of attractive and easy-to-understand icons, you can manage numerous functions of your household electrical system from your mobile phone.

For each function there are different options, including: switch on/off, status, temperature control, etc.

You can always keep abreast of the situation at home and change it as you like.

Extraordinary freedom of choice for your first home and your holiday home, because freedom is absolute with the Vimar By-phone app. Language, display appearance, associated sound effects: all can be personalised and made friendlier for your own daily use.

More than one GSM communicator can moreover be associated with the same mobile phone.

Just go to the iTunes store, download the free Vimar  By-phone app from this link and synchronise it to your iPhone.


iPhone 4 and 3GS devices running the iOS 4.0 operating system or later. Apple devices running OS versions earlier than iOS 4.0 or without SMS capability (for example iPod touch and iPad) are not supported.

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