By-me Marine

Vimar's international experience in boating, the simplicity of the By-me home automation system and Italian design: these are the three elements that have developed By-me Marine. An automation system to manage lighting and automation on board.

By-me Marine was conceived and designed to ensure the electric and mechanical characteristics are maintained for long periods, often under extremely harsh conditions of use, in the presence of moisture and with a high degree of salinity, vibration and sudden changes in temperature.

The By-me Marine automation system, offers a wide range of advantages even in the phase of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance that here take on greater importance due to the limits on space and weight that characterize the constructions:

• Reduced number of cables: all the components, commands and actuators are connected each other by a bus cable. This

considerably reduces both the total length of the cables used (with a great advantage in terms of weight) and the diameter

of the necessary tubes.

• Flexible system. At any time it is possible to modify the function of a command, by simply reconfiguring it. Then it facilitates

customizing the system according to customer needs.

• Advanced functions: group commands, activation of scenarios and time cycles can be accomplished without increasing

the complexity of the system and without increasing the necessary connections.

• Extremely simple substitution of damaged devices, even by personnel that have not been specifically trained, since all the

low voltage and other commands do not need reconfiguring via PC but just a simple self-configuration procedure.


By-Me Marine offers two distinct styling choices, the Idea and Eikon series.

Recognized worldwide as the standard switch system for yachting, the Idea series is available with the timeless Classica square edge or the modern Rondò rounded edge cover plates. Components are available in either white or gray for both styles.

In the Eikon series, you may choose between Classic and Round cover plates as well, but in addition to gray and white components, you can choose the exciting Next finishing which offers components in beautiful matt silver.


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