By-me Radio Frequency

With its new radio frequency devices the By-me home automation system has become even more versatile to meet the growing demands for greater convenience and ease of installation.

Radiofrequency allows to expand the installed system by adding control points, actuators, sensors and sirens  in all those situations where working on the brickwork is either not convenient or not possible.

The new radiofrequency devices for automation and light controls - available for the Eikon and Plana series - can easily be installed on wood, glass or masonry and offer the convenience of battery-free controls. Incorporating the reliable green EnOcean technology, Vimar devices are powered by the energy produced from finger pressure.

The new radio frequency burglar alarms offer the reliability of dual band technology offering a static-free signal, excellent levels of security with monitored sirens and sensors and the convenience of a two-way remote control.

Designed for expanding existing systems or for mini-systems, they are available for the Eikon, Idea and Plana series.

copertina radio frequenza
catalogo radio frequenza
vimar radio frequenza

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