By-me Sound System

Now home comfort is amplified with By-me. Thanks to this new function it is possible to integrate music and audio with the Vimar home automation system, or create a stand-alone sound system.

Integration with the By-me home automation system ensures extremely flexible installation, allowing the creation of bespoke installations for any type of residence. The Vimar multi-room sound system does not require matrix switches and can therefore be designed and extended with the greatest of ease.

This function can even be included in a scene, e.g. timed to activate when the lights turn on or off, providing a wake-up call in the morning or setting the tone for relaxing times of day.

The By-me sound system delivers pure high-fidelity playback thanks to digital signal transmission technology and high-quality speakers, with both 8 and 3-module designs. It can simultaneously distribute up to 4 different audio sources, with different tracks playing in each room. Classical music in the living room, the latest pop hits in the kitchen or radio programmes in the bedroom: each room has its own music, including via iPhone or iPod connected to the docking station.

It is controlled simply and intuitively from any point in the home, either using the dedicated controls or through the touch screen, which provides a single interface for managing every room in the property.

Aesthetically coordinated with the refined design of Eikon or the minimal elegance of Plana, the By-me multi-room sound system can also be used to make microphone calls to any or all of the programmed audio zones, even if they are not activated at the time.

Of particular interest is the Baby Control feature, which helps to monitor young children.
When the microphone detects an ambient volume level that is higher than the preselected threshold - for example a baby crying - the system automatically plays the sound through the speakers, interrupting the current audio source and turning on any deactivated audio zones.

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