By-me Web Server

The software manages the home automation system By-me from PC

Vimar By-Web is a Web Server that allows you to manage your own By-me home automation through a PC, notebook, tablet or touch screen, as well as mobile devices provided with a browser capable of displaying web pages.

For iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices, there is a special application available for download from iTunes, which allows faster access to the By-web functionality.

The management of the building can be performed both locally and remotely, as long as it provides a permanent connection to the Internet.

Installer Manual Web Server (EN)6.45 M01/03/2021
User Manual for Web Server (EN)12.65 M17/02/2022
Firmware (vers. 2.10)30.71 M28/07/2021
Web Server update (EN)142.87 K11/01/2016
User manual for Android (EN)463.2 K05/10/2017
User manual for iPhone (EN)214.49 K05/10/2017
User manual for Android (HE,PL,PT,RU,TR,ZH)2.17 M05/10/2017
User manual for iPhone (HE,PL,PT,RU,TR,ZH)1.25 M05/10/2017
User manuals for web server (HE,PL,PT,RU,TR,ZH)63.91 M03/08/2018
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