By-me Web Server

The software manages the home automation system By-me from PC

Vimar By-Web is a Web Server that allows you to manage your own By-me home automation through a PC, notebook, tablet or touch screen, as well as mobile devices provided with a browser capable of displaying web pages.

For iPhone and iPod touch mobile devices, there is a special application available for download from iTunes, which allows faster access to the By-web functionality.

The management of the building can be performed both locally and remotely, as long as it provides a permanent connection to the Internet.

Web server it

(*) N.B.

  • Version 2.11 is the latest software version available for Web Servers 01945/R01945 with hardware versions 00, 01 and 02.
  • Version 2.12 IS NOT COMPATIBLE with Web Servers 01945/R01945 with hardware versions 00, 01 and 02.
  • Version 2.12 is the software version available EXCLUSIVELY for Web Servers 01945/R01945 with hardware version 03 and 04 and for all Light Web Servers 01946/R01946.

Before updating the software with the new version, ALWAYS check the compatibility of the update with version 2.12 of Web Servers 01945/R01945; this should be done by the technical personnel who updates the device.
The hardware version of a Web Server is shown on the info page introduced in software version 2.11 of the device (General Settings -> Setup -> Information).

Procedure to check for updates to version 2.12 (and later versions) for Web Server 01945/R01945.
1. Update the Web Server to version 2.11;
2. Check the hardware version of Web Server 01945/R01945 on the information page:

  • if the hardware version is 03 or 04, the update is possible;
  • if the hardware version is 00, 01, or 02, the update with the latest version is NOT possible (the last supported version is v2.11)

Note: if a version above 2.11 is uploaded by mistake, the operation of the device cannot be guaranteed for products with an incompatible hardware version.