Call-way: the nurse call system

The system that ensures secure communication and integrated management

Whether it is used in a hospital building of any size, a private clinic or a nursing home, the Call-way system is the ideal solution for managing emergencies effectively and on time. Developed to comply with the VDE0834-1-2 standard, the call system blends in perfectly in any kind of building. Vimar’s line-up for hospital facilities also includes the Eikon, Linea and Arké series, which can also be ordered in the Antibacterial version.


With Call-way, the hospital service is more efficient

All emergencies are promptly managed and all situations are constantly monitored.

Simple, immediate and safe, the Call-way modular call system is the solution that promptly manages patient’s requests and, more generally, the requirements of a whole hospital building, clinic or nursing home.

In addition to facilitating the task of providing assistance, Call-way is also a careful resource manager: it memorises presences, the times it takes to answer calls, the system status and the number of staff available. It also enables dialogue with other communication and data transfer systems.

Dispositivo chiamata emergenza Vimar

Technology, security and priority management

With Call-way and its anti-bacterial devices.

Every patient can make an emergency call by performing a simple manual operation on the keypad provided, connected to the call button located on the headboard.

In this way, doctors and nursing staff can promptly answer the calls, even from a distance, significantly improving and optimising the times of response and priorities.

Perella di chiamata per ospedali Vimar
Call-Way | Chiamata infermiera Vimar

Call-way: the nurse call system

Devices with silver ion anti-bacterial treatment

Vimar produces a range of 1-way switches, socket outlets and cover plates with a special silver ion treatment which guarantees maximum hygiene while reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. 

Laboratory tests conducted in accordance with ISO 22196:2011(E) by the Department of Molecular Medicine at the University of Padua have recognised the efficacy of this treatment.


Call-way: the nurse call system