Casa Emergency, Milan


Vimar technology in Casa Emergency

Designed and produced entirely in Italy, Vimar's Plana series has been chosen to provide optimal energy management in Casa Emergency, the new headquarters of the Italian NGO founded in 1994 to provide free medical and surgical care to victims of war.

The building is located right in the heart of Milan's historic city centre, an abandoned school that has stood empty and unused for more than ten years.  A building of impressive size, located between the Darsena and the Basilica di Sant’Eustorgio, in one of the most characteristic areas of the city. The restructuring of Casa Emergency took place within the context of a clearly-defined objective of the Milan municipal administration: to return to civic life buildings no longer used for their original purpose and since fallen into disrepair.

This desire to repurpose such buildings for cultural, social and educational projects as part of an urban development policy, found common purpose with the Emergency organization, and thus became a project to revitalise the building, to fill an empty space with new content for the benefit of the local neighbourhood and, by extension, the entire city of Milan.

For the restructuring of this building, Emergency chose Vimar technology. Specifically, the Plana series, used here in the white technopolymer version. Characterised by clean, essential lines, Plana is ultimate in minimalist design, effortlessly adapting to any space and to any decor.

Its style works beautifully in any context. Whether its on the first two floors - dedicated to information, training, eduction and leisure activities - or the ground floor - where there is room used for exhibitions and public meetings - or the upper floor - where there spaces dedicated to training activities - or the top three floors - used primarily for planning purposes- Plana makes an impeccable impression, with devices that beautifully manage comfort, energy savings and security.

As for security, to ensure outstanding performance in data transmission, all the rooms in Casa Emergency are equipped with Vimar data sockets, which allows fast, secure transmission and reception of any type of information both in and outside the offices.

In the context of a project focussed on repurposing the building while ensuring maximum respect for the existing structure, advanced technology has thus played a vital role. Plana devices fit seamlessly into this new space, where the absence of partition walls gives the rooms a naturally free-flowing aspect, reflecting the continually evolving nature of Emergency.  The result is described by the designers as a "talking building", an impression enhanced by the graphics on the walls that actively contribute to the overall concept of communication, in synergy with the architectural design. A project in which Plana is the perfect choice.


03_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Accoglienza
04_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Sala Convegni
05_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Regia Sala Riunioni
08_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Pc
09_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Regia Sala Riunioni E Pc
10_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Spazi Interni
11_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Dispositivi Plana
12_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Interni
13_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Open Space
14_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Open Space
15_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Ascensore
16_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Dispositivi Plana
17_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Spazi Interni
02_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Regia Sala Convegni
18_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Ufficio
19_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Scale
20_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Plana
21_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Plana
22_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Plana E Grafiche
24_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Tavolo Sala Riunioni
25_Vimar_Casa Emergency_Salottino

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