Catwalk Kaiserwerft

Every Baron yacht is individual and unique. At first glance Catwalk lines have the aggression of a planning model, but on a second look they soften and the elegance of the more long-range cruiser begins to shine through. It's hard to imagine a more attractive interior for a luxury motor yacht, built on spec than Bright Schnaase's design for Catwalk, KaiserWerft's new 40.5 metre Baron 104. It has everything that appeals; uniqueness, high craftsmanship and the all-important feel-good factor deriving from alluring shapes and tactile materials. An aim of the design was to blur boundar ies wi th the exter ior,creating a sense of wholeness, and the very first conceptual drawing achieved that by echoing the long windows line in the yacht's signature which leads from the stern gateway through the saloon and up the stairs to the mezzanine dining room. Catwalk's interior design concept includes stucco walls and fabrics in harmony with Oak and African zebrano wood, which have both a polished and satin finish.
Each area of the yacht has been designed with painstaking detail and for the terminals of the electrical system has been selected Idea series with Classica black chrome cover plate and grey devices. Catwalk can accommodate 12 persons, which is unusual for a boat of this size. It seems much larger and has notably high ceilings . The master room is of particular note as it is not onl surprisingly large but has windows all around and a skylight so that you can watch the stars at night.

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Yacht catwalk kaiserwerft idea letto

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