Chalet Fiat, Madonna di Campiglio


The excellence of Vimar reaches new heights

A real go-to location for those who love holidaying in the mountains and in particular for regulars in Madonna di Campiglio, Chalet Fiat represents the excellence of fine Italian production at a high altitude.

Indeed, the hotel, which can only be reached by cable car and has been the chosen winter location of the Fiat group and its brands for many years, can be found at an altitude of more than two thousand metres, on the crest of mount Spinale, framed by the striking mountain landscape of the Brenta Dolomites

These characteristics make Chalet Fiat one-of-a-kind and are also one of the reasons for its impressive visitor flows, not only throughout the skiing season but also during the summer. This exclusive elegance and the desire to offer a warm welcome centred round a level of excellence that makes it unique have prompted the recently renovated structure to install the Vimar Well-contact Plus hotel management system.

With Well-contact Plus, constant control over the comfort and security of every single environment is guaranteed. In particular, lighting and climate control can be programmed and controlled by computer from a single point, using the Well-contact Suite software. This way, customers can always be sure of finding the ideal conditions. This is the situation in the large dining room, located on the main floor: an open space with glass walls that give the floor over to the Brenta Dolomites, the spectacular mountainscape that frames the surrounding scenery. Although the hall spans a very large area, with the aid of Vimar technology, the temperature and lighting in the space can always be managed flawlessly.

From this observation point, the view towards the exterior is presented by geometric shapes that characterise the walls with oblique lines and the materials used are local: larch and fir, the same types of wood used in the suite on the floor above. Indeed, Chalet Fiat boasts 7 rooms, offering a total of 15 beds. All directly overlooking the ski slopes or affording breathtaking panoramic views, they are furnished with a modern, sophisticated, mountain décor. The ideal location in which to sit back and enjoy moments of pure relaxation and contemplation.

And the icing on the cake in the range of boutique hotel services on offer is a small spa, again with a view of the Dolomites, where guests can lose themselves in a pampering wellness experience.

The Arké series has been chosen to add the right touch of contemporary glamour to the interiors of the rooms, as well as in the communal spaces. Chosen in the Classic version, with its rational geometry, linear profile and sharp corners, Arké divests itself of all decoration for its own sake, defining a new model of energy. The chosen material in this case is black technopolymer, processed with the typical attention to the finishes of Vimar's unmistakable style and treated with eco-friendly processes and anti-wear coatings. Designed in the present for the future, Arké integrates seamlessly into this context. Especially the large black wall in the living area, which proudly bears the painted silhouettes of the various Fiat 500 models.

Surrounded by cover plates, buttons and controls–featuring a pleasant two-way convex shape– they offer just the right contrast with the sobriety of the warm tones of the wooden walls, creating a combination that further enhances the space around them.

Vimar devices accurately monitor and control the lighting and electricity in all the environments, while ensuring functionality and comfort. In the bedrooms, for example, the wide range of sockets – from shaver sockets in bathrooms to data sockets – meets every functional need.

And last but not least, the main terrace, a true “open-air living room”, is the perfect location for hosting guests. Here they are treated to a panorama of rare beauty, towered over by the peaks of the Brenta range on one side and the Presanella-Adamello range on the other. A fairytale scenario that guests can admire while being pampered by the technology Made in Vimar.



Residential series: Arké

Hotel management system: Well-contact Plus

System installation: Ecoenerg SRL, Storo (TN)

System design: Simone Maestri Carisolo (TN), industrial engineer

Architectural project: Artistudio, Fondo (TN)

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