Climate & Energy combined

Advanced solutions for temperature control and energy monitoring.

As of today, all you need is a single device for climate control and energy management throughout your home. The new Clima thermostats and time-thermostats from Vimar combine cutting-edge technology with the utmost practicality. Whether surface or flush mounting, battery or mains powered, designed for stand alone operation or integrated into a home automation system, they help you optimise energy consumption and create the perfect climate throughout the entire building.


The thermostats and time-thermostats feature a large, highly sensitive touch screen display with easy-to-read numerical values and an ecometer function to promote energy awareness. The surface mounting versions have a slim silhouette, a stylish design and a sleek reflex finish. The flush mounting versions offer unlimited scope for coordination with the materials and colours of the Eikon, Arkè and Plana cover plates. And the LED backlighting allows you to select the perfect RGB colour for fully coordinating aesthetics.


The stand alone products designed for either surface or flush mounting combine advanced climate control and energy management functions with ease of use. The internal sensor calibration function ensures precise temperature measurement to enable you to maintain the ideal climate at all times throughout the home. The integrated PID algorithm prevents excessive temperature variations, ensuring the maximum comfort and attention to energy saving. Suitable for any type of system, whether underfloor or with radiators or fan-coils, the Clima thermostats and time-thermostats are equipped with multifunctional configurable inputs for centralised control and management of an external temperature probe. Additionally, the hotkeys provide rapid access to a number of functions, including “exit” mode which automatically sets the temperature to a predetermined level and “economy” mode which reduces the set-point to the desired value. Along with optimal climate control, the stand alone time-thermostats are able to display the energy produced by a photovoltaic system and monitor the consumption of a single load or the entire building with either single-phase or three-phase systems. They are also equipped with an audible alert that warns when the contractual power usage threshold is exceeded, allowing action to be taken to avoid the annoyance and inconvenience of a blackout. The surface mounting thermostat can be managed remotely by means of the intuitive and free By-clima app, while the flush mounting time-thermostat can be programmed rapidly using the same app, making life simpler for both the installer and the end user.


However, the climate control and energy management capability really comes into its own when integrated with the By-me and Well-contact Plus automation systems developed to the KNX standard. The climate can be controlled centrally by means of a stylishly designed touch screen or room by room using elegant flush mounting thermostats with RGB backlighting to coordinate with the finishes of the chosen cover plates. The new automation range can control heating and cooling of buildings with systems of any kind - whether radiant panel, underfloor, with fan-coils or single and multi split systems - and with on/off or proportional logic. Complete with a boost function that enables the desired temperature to be reached rapidly by using a fan coil in conjunction with the radiant panels, the home automation devices allow the temperature to be set either manually or hour by hour with a timed weekly program. Using dedicated sensors, they automatically activate air recirculation and dehumidifiers to optimise the climate and reduce humidity by avoiding the dew point. The new range is available for both single and three-phase systems and provides smarter energy management than ever before. It can display the energy consumed by individual loads and throughout the entire building, including that of non-electrical utilities such as water and gas. If a photovoltaic system is installed, the new devices are able to display the self-produced and self-consumed energy, delivering power to previously selected appliances in order to maximise consumption. If the contractual power usage threshold is exceeded, the system avoids an overload blackout by automatically disconnecting some loads according to previously set priorities. Last but not least, the free By-web app enables the entire system to be managed and supervised remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

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