Dago Suites Apartment, Indonesia

The Dream Comes True

Having a residence in the DAGO area is a dream for everyone, especially the people of Bandung and surrounding areas. The DAGO region is one of the most popular elite area because of its natural beauty and cool air climate. Visits of tourists, especially Jakarta has increased in this area since the opening of access toll road Cipularang. Distance Jakarta - Bandung closer. The hotel occupancy is always full, especially on holidays or weekends. The market demand for dwellings in the DAGO area is increasing rapidly.

 DAGO SUITES APARTMENT is equipped with various facilities of five-star hotel, choice of materials, appliances, furnishings and systems, each one of these aspects has been studied in detail in order to achieve the best possible result. This pursuit of perfection was also the reason that led to choosing the Vimar By-me home automation system, which was given the task of controlling multiple functions.

Every room can be customized with By-me. Simply touch the screen to load, in a few moments and for every room in the units, a different previously configured combination of audio system, lighting and comfort. Equipped with an ultra-flat screen and high-definition picture quality, these devices enable controlling the entire dwelling. Lights, automation, sound, everything is just a touch away and easily manageable via user-friendly supervision pages.

Since technology is the owner's bread and butter, he did not let slip the opportunity to interface the home automation system with the web via LAN, thus being able to use Internet services such as Internet radio, reading weather forecasts or newspapers in their web version. While the integration of By-me with the Web Server enables him to control his home remotely, too, via his smartphone.

Vimar home automation was chosen also because it enables managing complex functions easily.

The sound system is one of a kind, too, with the speakers entirely concealed behind the walls and with a perfect sound quality. Thanks to By-me, the apartment has been divided into four different listening zones. In this way, the owners can relax while listening to the latest pop hit in the kitchen, the radio in the bedroom or the best rock songs in the space where the householder is practising his electric guitar. You can choose your favourite song by interfacing the system with various devices such as a radio, iPod, CD player and Bluetooth.

The rooms are given an additional touch of elegance and exclusivity by the lines of the Plana White series. An imperceptible presence, with a delicate charm and in line with the latest interior design trends, a finish that perfectly complements the white surfaces of the interior, giving the impression of being at one with them.

In this apartment, in which the technologically most advanced materials, products and systems have been used, the Vimar home automation system, as a perfect director, ensures they match and communicate, for incomparable comfort and well-being.



Home automation system: By-me

Residential series: Plana White

System design and construction: Istana Group Bandung - Indonesia


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