EasyDraw and EasyCap

Software suite (for installers) including EasyDraw and EasyCap for designing and quoting electrical systems, downloadable free of charge.

EasyDraw, CAD software package for electrical designs that allows you to use Eikon, Arké, Idea and Plana products to draft a design in an assisted manner with automatic composition for the residential series.

The EasyDraw software enables programming and designing systems in CAD style, integrating both the range of By-me devices and that of KNX devices. EasyDraw can be integrated with EasyTool Professional for the off-line design of By-me devices.

EasyCap, software for system quotations and drafting of technical specifications, used to draw up and print quotations/technical specifications organised by rooms and functions, with the advanced management of the customer/supplier data base and relative applied discounts.

System design and quotation wizard. In just a few moments and a few clicks, you can draft quotations for conventional or automated system to standard CEI 64-8 cap.37.

System Requirements

  • P4 processor or superior.
  • 2GB RAM.
  • Video with at least 1024x768 resolution.
  • 1GB free space on Hard Disk.
  • Windows 7 operating system or superior.

Conditions of Use

  • It is forbidden to distribute unauthorised copies of the software.
  • The application is not for sale and is distributed free of charge for promotional purposes.
  • Vimar declines all liability for any damage arising from improper use of EasyDraw an EasyCap, in particular for direct or indirect injury to persons and damage to property and/or financial losses resulting from the use of the application and the supports it is distributed on.
  • Vimar reserves the right to change or update the applications at any time and without notice.
  • Product not for sale.

Note: You must have an active Internet connection in order to install the software correctly and completely.

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