EasyTool Professional

Software for configuration, programming and maintenance of the By-me system

The EasyTool Professional software is designed to manage all Vimar home automation devices. It can be started in two modes. The first mode allows you to manage GSM Communicators, touchScreens and the By-me Control Unit and the second mode it does allow you to access the Bus and the configuration of the entire By-me plant.

Instruction manual EasyTool Professional27.51 M01/03/2021
Download interface driver3.69 M28/01/2015
Download software EasyTool Professional (vers. 2.3.1)208.56 M09/02/2015
Software EasyTool Professional (vers. 2.14.0)383.81 M07/04/2020
Instruction manual logic unit art. 0146814.95 M22/07/2019
System migration procedure from By-me to By-me Plus1.43 M20/05/2020
Easy tool professional