Eikon Evo was born.

Charming, sophisticated and exclusive.

Eikon Evo is the latest energy trend: a triumph of beautiful shapes, premium finishes and intelligent technology.

  • A new definition of style and a new concept of luxury, to create an electric system in line with the latest interior design trends.
  • A veritable evolution. In style, first and foremost, but also technology. Forms designed to be noticed, sizes which delicately stand out on walls, ultra-thin profiles, unique colours and combinations.

The new Eikon Evo plates make room for precious materials and processes, enhance buttons and controls with a chromed frame which outlines the three colour variants.
Inspired by the latest living trends, Eikon Evo captures and enhances its essence in a unique and personal way, offering different ways of living and interpreting luxury even in an electric system.

Primary, exclusive, sculpted, natural, luminous, sophisticated, special: seven different styles for seven different precious materials

  • anodised aluminium,
  • laminated aluminium,
  • processed stone,
  • solid wood,
  • crystal,
  • natural leather,
  • corian

allowing you to choose who to be and how to appear. Eikon Evo transforms the management of spaces into a unique, pleasant and simple experience.

A veritable evolution in home automation. With the new devices, functions and control modes of Eikon Evo, the By-me automation system becomes even more intelligent. Innovations that are beautiful to look at and easy to use which instantly adapt to changing spaces and those who live in them, with unlimited functionality, for the greatest freedom of design in the different international standards.

The new 4.3" and 10" video touch screens not only supervise the whole By-me home automation system with simple and intuitive graphics, but also manage video door entry functions offering a perfect view of what's going on outside the building. New advanced functions measure the temperature in real time and calculate the energy profile of the home, constantly monitoring consumption. The web interface allows you to manage your system on the Internet, from a PC, smartphone or latest generation tablet, such as an iPad or iPhone.

Welcome, Eikon Evo!

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