Eikon Exé: Flat and Vintage

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From the essence of Eikon Exé cover plates two new types of control are born: Flat and Vintage, to lend interior design projects an even more distinctive exclusiveness and a bolder identity in accordance with the latest stylistic trends, which propose a come-back of traditional silhouettes and, at the same time, show a preference for linear shapes.

Eikon Exe Flat Vintage Comandi 2 Moduli

Flat cover plates and controls

Available in both standard and home automation system version, also on KNX standard, Flat controls represent the epitome of pureness and linearity. Planar and square-shaped controls create a pleasant flush-mounting effect, to emphasise the textured appeal of the cover plate. With their matt White, Anthracite Grey, brushed Nickel, Brushed Dark Bronze and Gold finishes, an elegant Total Look can be achieved according with the latest style trends, such as simple silhouettes and clean-cut, elemental geometries.

Provided with personalized RGB backlighting, controls can be elegantly laser-engraved with icons and pictograms.

Eikon Exe Flat comandi domotici 2 moduli Vimar

Vintage cover plates and controls

Vintage toggle switches embrace mesmerising lines of the past restyling them with a modern twist providing an exclusive, slightly retro style. Metal levers are available in different finishes: matt White, Anthracite Grey, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Dark Bronze and Gold and combined with the Eikon Exé cover plate in the same finish offer a matching style, sophisticated yet at the same time pure and linear. Cover plates can be customized with a precise logo and controls can be elegantly lasered with icons and pictograms to identify all diverse functions.

Eikon Exe Vintage metallo lucido 3 moduli Vimar

The collections: Flat and Vintage

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