Eikon Exé wins the A'Design Award 2019

The minimal style of Eikon Exé takes home its first international award, the A'Design Award.

The award, presented on 28 June, is only the latest in a long line of prizes received by Vimar for the unmistakeable design of its products: from the materials to the designs, from the study of the shapes to the proportions and volumes, the company has always stood out from its competitors due to its particular focus on the aesthetic element of its products.


And this focus has recently given rise to Eikon Exé. Natural, prized materials, selected specifically to express an unmistakable textured effect that defines the identity and personality of every environment, Eikon Exé is pure essence.

Essence of shape: pure and minimal to emphasise the design. Squared corners and sharply-defined silhouettes give rise to a series with a look that blends in seamlessly with any environment. Stylish details 100% made in Italy. But above all essence of material. Resulting from a meticulous selection process, the seven different materials are available in a generous 27 different top-quality finishes, which create a different, original soul each time. To offer an extensive variety of solutions suited to any environment.

Unique in its versatility, Eikon Exé also lends itself to countless stylistic interpretations. Cover plates with special materials and special-colour controls allow the most important products to be customised and rendered truly unique. To enhance the identity of any environment.

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