Eikon Tactil meets KNX technology

Seductive from the very first glance, the lines of Eikon Tactil bring life to a bright smooth glass surface, able to enhance the interiors of even the most exclusive hotels.

Beneath this stylish material there are the Vimar KNX controls. Activating them requires just a light touch, which the sophisticated touch technology transforms into direct energy control. As soon as they are touched, a proximity sensor detects the device and activates RGB LED backlighting built into the system. While, after pressing the button, a special signal provides acoustic feedback.

Designed to contain up to 6 independent buttons – programmable via ETS to accomplish on/off control functions, control roller shutters, control lights, call up scenarios and many others – Vimar KNX controls are also equipped with bus terminals built into the device, which greatly simplify the wiring and avoid any chance of error in the connections.

But Eikon Tactil is also access control for the hotel: the Eikon Tactil transponder reader with KNX standard provides access to certain areas or rooms only for authorized persons. Through the Well-contact Suite software – available in three different applications, differentiated by the size of the building allowing computer management and control of all the system devices – you can save and view the access log, stored locally on the device, and check the time spent in the room.

Eikon Tactil devices are customizable – drawing from an extensive library of symbols – and they can be integrated in any architectural context.

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