ELVOX video surveillance systems

The growing demand for residential, tertiary and industrial security has led to an increase in demand for tailor-made systems. And this is why Elvox has implemented its own range of products dedicated to video surveillance.

Solutions including an even more complete range of cameras to satisfy the need for simplicity as well as high performance. Bullet, dome, PTZ, box and special cameras all ensure maximum efficiency. There is also a range of DVR or NVR recorders meeting different signal transmission and performance needs.

These products employ the most sophisticated technologies to deliver targeted, versatile and complete solutions able to meet any installation requirement. They come in four different ranges - analogue, analogue PRO, HD-SDI and IP - so you can choose the most suitable for the features of the system.

Analogue range
The simplest choice, particularly for residential or small video surveillance needs. It combines good video signal transmission with a very easy installation.

The analogue range offers high resolution in both viewing - with resolutions up to 1000 TVL, and in recording, with the WD1 Real Time format that the DVRs work with. The infra-red ray LEDs and the Day&Night function offer excellent results even in total darkness. Compact and equipped with image improving algorithms, these cameras are available in all the major formats with a particularly well-developed range for the bullet and dome types, the most popular ones on the market.

Analogue PRO range
A more advanced solution, combining higher video resolution with the greatest technological performance, to guarantee excellent visibility an all weather conditions. The products in the analogue PRO range stand apart from those in the analogue range for their professional standards of technology and quality. This means better image resolution and flexible use that meets any kind of installation needs. The 1.3 Mpx resolution offers top quality analogue images, while the Wide Dynamic Range technology improves images with strong brightness contrasts, which is particularly common in backlit conditions. With its Smart D-Zoom the camera can also zoom in on and follow a moving person/object, for easy identification.

HD-SDI range
An HD-SDI system offers many advantages: the key feature is the FULL-HD 1920x1080 pixel resolution, comparable to the best achieved today in television systems, and optimised by image improving functions such as the Wide Dynamic Range. The DVRs (4, 8 or 16 channels) are in FULL-HD Real Time (25 fps per channel), also guaranteeing excellent recording, without losing any detail and with the best in video fluidity.

Another strength is the easy installation: with a new range of signal transmission accessories and two new types of specific HD-SDI cables, long distances are no longer a problem for high resolution on coaxial cable.

IP range
From centralisation to remote accessibility, precision has never been so perfect. The ideal choice for business areas, IP technology can also be suited for home environments that require resolution of the highest quality. And thanks also to the new Plug&Play NVRs that automatically configure the camera addresses, IP is now a technology for all. High definition images even in difficult conditions such as bad weather, backlighting and darkness: the Elvox IP range guarantees resolutions from 1280x960 for 1.3 Mpx cameras up to 1920x1080 for 2 Mpx cameras. The H264 compression used for data transmission ensures optimization both in terms of disk space when recording and as data traffic over the network.

The Elvox video surveillance range stands out not only for its completeness but also for the possibility to be integrated, whatever the technology chosen, in Vimar's By-me home automation system, ensuring complete control of any setting: in this way, flexibility goes hand in hand with the highest performance.

And top security for the recorded data too: every DVR and NVR is supplied as standard with a dedicated Hard Disk for 24/24h continuous video surveillance.

Remote access has never been so easy and immediate, with the QR Code function: simply download the SuperLive Pro app onto your mobile device and scan the supplied QR Code: the app will self-configure, allowing you to view the cameras connected to your analogue or IP CCTV system from your smartphone or tablet.

Finally, remote professional video surveillance comes with CVM Elvox: a unique, centralised DVR and NVR supervision and management software, available free of charge and extended to all Elvox technologies, to remotely monitor and manage up to 256 DVRs/NVRs for a total of over 8000 connected cameras.

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