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Living the luxury with a new standard

Emaar Square, the second project of Emaar Turkey, is a new mixed-use development located near Istanbul, and has been designed and built to the highest standards.

Taking inspiration from the rich cultural heritage and the city’s cosmopolitan spirit, the residential complex is intended to become a point of attraction throughout the area. With over 1,000 luxury homes, a 180-room five-star hotel and a shopping center that can accommodate up to 5,000 people, Emaar Square represents a new concept of architecture.

The Eikon and Idea series, both typical of the style and elegance for which Vimar design is renowned in the world, have been installed inside the residences.

The first, chosen in the Next version, gives an extra touch of elegance and modernity to the environments. Likewise, the Idea series controls and lighting points feature the highest level of functionality and safety: lighting commands at the end of the bed, emergency high-efficiency LED torches, universal sockets, television and data transmission sockets. Vimar's offer is synonymous with total freedom of choice: the colour variations of keys and controls, cover plate models, different colours and materials.

The two Vimar series feature different lines, with buttons of different sizes, but all featuring quiet mechanisms that operate the various commands and control the various functions.

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