Software for programming telephone switchboards 35PX series

Upgrading from previous versions

  • Only works with newer versions of the software evManagerTS (from 2.0.0 onwards)
  • The update to version 2.1 (from the previous 2.0) implies that all configurations made to the device array will be automatically lost. not lose you must first save with the PC software evmanagerTS v2.0.0.
  • Before disconnecting the cable at the end of the upgrade process you must wait until the yellow LED on the front panel is off (10 seconds).

Recommended update procedure

  • First install the new version of the PC software evManagerTS v 2.1.0. After installation start the program and wait for the opening (the first time can be long due to the updating of the database). In any case, the configurations stored on the PC will not be lost.
  • Connect the USB cable to your device, read all the configurations and save them.
  • Turn the device off and disconnect the USB cable
  • Start software on your PC Start- > Programs-> Elvox-> UsbLoaderGUI.exe and successively connect the USB cable to the device. UsbLoaderGUI software will display "Ready Bootloader". Click on "Upload" and select the file "SwitchboardCPU.zex"
  • Press the "Start" button and wait until the update (software UsbLoaderGUI shows "OK").
  • Don't disconnect the cable USB until the yellow LED remains lit.
  • Turn on the device and rewrite the configurations previously saved with the evManagerTS: Open the saved configuration and write all configurations.
evManagerTS (update to vers. 2.1.0)7.06 M02/02/2012
evManagerTS (vers. 2.1.0)259.59 M02/02/2012